Chat: Win a Year’s Subscription to Superpass During the Renegade Chat

“Live Video Chat. 10/8, 6pm PT. Plus, a new contest. *9:00 p.m. EST*
Big Brother 10 winner Dan will be here to answer your burning questions. On, Wed, 10/8, 6pm PT, 9pm EST, tune in to feed camera 4 to join the live video chat exclusively available on SuperPass. Ask them anything you want.

But wait there’s more….

We are giving away 5, 1 year subscriptions to SuperPass. On 10/8, during the chat when “Dan and Memphis tell you its game on,” then reply to a new thread to win. The first 5 responses will receive 1 year subscriptions to SuperPass. It’s that easy. Good luck!

SuperPass Team”

Video: Evel Dick Webcasts Available to SuperPass Subscribers Starting Wed. July 23 @ 7pm ET/4pm PT

“To keep things interesting this season we’ll be giving viewers the opportunity to watch Evel Dick and other house guests live from the Cat Club on the Sunset Strip.

Join Evel Dick and special guests for a live Webcast every Wednesday before the live show on CBS. Dick and friends will start broadcasting at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern on July 16th. The first two events will be freely available but after that they will be exclusive to SuperPass.”

This should be the link.

Get it while it’s hot!

New Superpass Coupon!

Click here and use coupon code “BB9L0403″ during sign up to save $5 off the monthly subscription price of SuperPass for the first month. (This offer expires 04/02/2008 @ 11:59 PM and is available for new customers only!)

More House Pictures

Yahoo has provided some high quality photos here.

Also, for anyone with a feed subscription already, Superpass has released a 25 minute media day house video on their website for a more in-depth look at the house and a round of the game.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Information

Big Brother 13 is on its way and the Live Feeds are gearing up.

Here is the latest information on the feeds for this year:

  • – The Early Bird Special is back this year and active as of today and will run through July 6th. Taking advantage of this special will give you special pricing of $29.99 for three months, with a 3 day free trial period. In order to get this special, you MUST order before July 7th.
  • – After July 6th, normal pricing goes into effect – $39.99 for three months with a 3 Day trial period.
  • – If you wish to pay monthly rather than buy all three months at one price, you can purchase one month access for 14.99 – again with a three day trial period.
  • – There will be mobile applications this year that let you stream the feeds on your devices (specific devices only). This add-on will have an additional cost to be named later. However, if you are still within your 3 day free-trial period on the feeds, you can try the mobile app for free but will have to cease using it or pay after the trial ends.
  • – The Mobile Add-On will require a separate sign up even during the free trial as it is not part of Superpass directly. You will have the ability to cancel it without cancelling your feeds.
  • – Flashback ability will not be present with this mobile add-on.


The page for buying feeds early (Nothing on them yet) can be found by clicking here. Note – The earlybird special promo code will automatically fill in for the three month plan if you buy it before July 7th.

Live Feeds will be blocked.

Per’s tweet found here…CBS will be cutting the live feeds until after the Weds. show:

Can confirm #bb12 feeds will be blocked for extended period of time beginning Tuesday AM. Feeds will be replaced with special programming.”

The Official facebook page for the live feeds (by Real…not CBS. Don’t yell at them!) had this to say regarding special programing they are planning for the blackout:

Big Brother Live Feeds We are having A Big Brother House Party, starting Tuesday and your invited! Please join Chelsia, Missy and special suprise guests for SuperPass fun! More information to come. We will keep you updated with all the details here on fb – twitter and on SuperPass. Hope to see you there! ~ BBLF.

Test Feeds Up – Preshow Special starts at 6 PM EST 7/7

The Big Brother Feeds for season 12 are live for testing.

Currently it shows the Big Brother Logo saying “We’ll be right back!’ with a generic graphic in the background.

A preseason special involving Janelle (BB6), Jordan (BB11), Chelsia (BB9) and Missy (Non Big Brother) starts at 6 PM EST today (About half an hour from the posting of this).

Superpass page for the feeds

Dick, BB8, Real Player Show/Rumors/Vegas Fan Party/Dick & Janelle together again…

I have had so many people asking me what is up for me this BB season…I figure I will tell everyone all at once and save myself the carpal tunnel….So hold on to your panties, this will be a long, blabbering, ranting blog.

I will be doing my weekly webcast for Real Player again this year.

RealPlayer Superpass has given me my own tab in their browser, which will closely link my website and my myspace etc… They have been great to work with and our relationship is solid.

I have some fun guests lined up and we will be out on locations more this season, we will also have more past houseguests….
The viewers were out in huge numbers for the show last year and I don’t see any reason why that would change.

But I will also be doing a weekly webcast with Janelle to fill the void left by the Cancellation of Housecalls.