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“Win a date with Dick to the Season Finale of Big Brother 9
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It will be a fun night and you will get to meet all this season’s house guests and plenty from season’s past as well. By the way, I hear through the grapevine that I will be making a cameo appearance on Tuesdays episode of BB9, don’t ask me, I have no idea.

This is for a great cause, so head on over and bid….


A date with Dick and an incredible Minarik Inferno Guitar….what are you waiting for…go BID!!!”




The lucky winner of this one of a kind auction is going to be the recipient of an amazing night out in Los Angeles. All proceeds of this auction will go to Rock Against Diabetes 2008, to help fund the huge online concert event, and help R.A.D. meet it’s initiatives to deliver an amazing worldwide interactive nutritional tool to diabetics world wide.

The date of the trip will be determined the moment CBS gives Dick the date for the Finale

Please be sure to follow the important conditions of this auction at the bottom of the listing!!”

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“Evel” Dick Donato To Host Rock Against Diabetes 2008

Big Brother 8 winner the notorious “Evel” Dick Donato has agreed to host the 2nd annual Rock Against Diabetes www.rockagainstdiabetes.org event. Dick Donato and his daughter Daniele took the #1 and #2 prizes in the 2007 Big Brother 8. Ever controversial, Dick has a very human side, intelligent, friendly and straight up. Dick will being a very human element to a cutting edge broadcast, that is set to be delivered in HD, worldwide on broadband internet.

Darrin Buchanan, the founder of this yearly benefit, chose Evel Dick for this event due to Dick’s amazing internet following, his charisma and ability to captivate an audience. “Dick will bring an element to this show, that would have otherwise been absent. I feel it would have not have been as warm and genuine, without the charm and wit of Evel.” Evel Dick is also very familiar with the LA and rock/ounk music scenes, and has been strongly involved with many acts for years.

With the announcement of Dick hosting this years event, and most of the day’s musical talent hired, the 100 VIP tickets to attend Rock Against Diabetes in person are now becomng available to lucky fans that want a chance to experience the entire day live, intimately with Dick, the bands and other surprises inside the event. These VIP tickets are the only ones to be had, and will be available by auction in most cases. The first pair is currently on auction at Y&T’s own auction page at www.meniketti.com/auction and bidding is hot on them. Others will be made available soon.

Bands confirmed on the bill are as follows: Y&T, Eric Martin Band, LA Guns, Cliff Morrson and the Lizard Sun Band with acts still to be announced.
Contact Darrin Buchanan for further information:

“Evel” Dick Donato
The 2nd annual Rock Against Diabetes www.rockagainstdiabetes.org and www.myspace.com/rockagainstdiabetes charity benefit will move from to the sound stages of on-line music experience innovator Deep Rock Drive www.deeprockdrive.com . The event will be held in Las Vegas, at the Deep Rock Drive venue on August 23rd, 2008, featuring Y&T, Eric Martin, LA Guns, and Cliff Morrison and The Lizard Sun Band. There are still 1-2 bands to be announced. Rock against Diabetes was created in early 2007 by music writer/charity organizer and newly diagnosed diabetes sufferer/new diabetic amputee Darrin Buchanan, with the initial live event taking place on June 23rd, 2007 in Vancouver BC, starring Eric Martin of the legendary band Mr. Big.

Darrin saw two very important things after his diagnosis and subsequent below knee amputation. The need to get the word out to people, so they knew the dangers of the disease, and to do so in a way that was entertaining and above all cost effective for all. The goal of this annual event is to help the BC Children’s Hospital Endocrinology department, to ease the pain and care of children with diabetes, and help the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine in the ground breaking diabetes research they have done in the past few years. Darrin’s own initiative, self funded to this point, is to deliver an online resource to all pre, new and long time diabetics that will take the mystery and confusion of eating the right foods. 88% of diabetic complications can be avoided with a proper safe diet. Further funding is needed to actually launch this program, and get the consultation from nutritionists and Endocrinologists to keep the program accurate and safe. The further vision is to start in his home city of Abbotsford BC, with a food service facility to prepare these foods for diabetics in the community that are unable to cook them, or afford the proper foods. Without raising money, this initiative may never be realized.

Darrin met Danny Socolof of Deep Rock Drive in late 2007, and after a short time both saw the potential that an on-line worldwide broadcast could have on this very special event. Some amazing continued sponsorship from companies such as Minarik Guitars www.minarikguitars.com , Atari Canada www.atari.com and The CW TV Network and My LVTV www.mylvtv.com made perfect sense to deliver this event to many people as possible, free for many to watch. An agreement was made, and Deep Rock Drive offered their many services to Rock Against Diabetes for the 2008 show. People are urged to visit www.deeprockdrive.com to get a full understanding of what is to be offered from this one of a kind experience.

To kick this event off in 2008 the Rock and Entertainment auctions www.rockagainstdiabetes.org/auctions.htm will kick off in mid April, with many items yet to be added, and the release of the only 100 tickets available to the live show, to see all the bands, and share in some in house only action will slowly become available in special auctions from the bands performing, as well as Rock Against Diabetes. Be sure to check all of the Myspace pages, as well as Rock Against Diabetes page for more information. Be sure to add Rock Against Diabetes as a friend on Myspace, and show your support.

Darrin Buchanan
Owner/Editor – Rocksquad.net
Organizer – Rock Against Diabetes

MySpace: Mike Wants to Hang with YOU!

“For the fans -A chance to spend time with me on finale night and at wrap party

Ok, here is the deal…I’ve decided to auction off to the highest bidder the opportunity to hang with me Sep 17-21. This happens to fall during finale night on Big Brother (Sep18) and the wrap party (Sep 20). So you will have the opportunity to come to those as my guest. If you are local, and are only available the 18th and 20th, thats fine. If you’re not local, and need the 17th and 21st as travel time to and from LA, then I can work on getting reduced rates for flight and hotel worked out. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be accepting payment via paypal immediately after you are notified of being the lucky one! This is being done in part to fund a trip to Toronto next week to visit a terminally ill fan/friend who only has about 2 weeks left to live. So, I will only have the bidding open until 12 noon Pacific Time on Tuesday Sep 4th. You can bid by simply sending me an email or journal comment that can be posted for others to see. At that time I will be going through all emails to determine who will be the lucky one! Thanks”


Dish the Dirt with Dr. Will

“Dr. Will will be making a house call to the Southern Women’s Show! The delicious and dreamy Dr. Will from “Big Brother 2″ and “Big Brother All-Stars” will be joining us at this year’s show. Dr. Will is said to be one of the all-time best players from “Big Brother.” He is no longer sequestered and ready to answer all of your questions up close and personal. This is one celebrity appearance you don’t want to miss!

Appearing on the Saturn of Savannah Fashion & Entertainment Stage Saturday, Feb. 10 at 1:00 p.m.”

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Upcoming Appearances: Where’s Dr. Will?

“Due to the great sucess of the Southern Women’s Conference personal appearance in Jacksonville, Florida Dr. Will has been asked to speak in several other locations. He has been confirmed for appearances in the following locations:

Savannah, GA on February 10, 2007 For More Information
Memphis, TN on March 10, 2007 For More Information
Richmond, VA on April 21, 2007 For More Information

Watch here for more details on times, places and more locations.

Want to see Dr. Will at a location near you? Then contact event planners in your area and let them know that their event should include a personal appearance by Dr. Will Kirby and direct them to his sites to contact his management. “

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Howie Gordon to Sign Autographs in Rochester, NY on Dec. 12th

For those Howie fans in the Rochester, NY area, Howie will be in Rochester on December 12th @ 1pm.

Details as follows:

Place: Rochester Shoes, 111 East Seneca Turnpike, Rochester, NY
Time: 1:00 PM

If you want anything autographed, bring it with you! Howie will not be at the location overnight, so hopefully those in the area will be able to see him
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Dr. Will Will Attend the The Fourth Annual Zeke Lerner Celebrity Bowl-a-thon

“What: The Fourth Annual Zeke Lerner Celebrity Bowl-a-thon
When: Saturday, October 28, 2006 – 11:00am – 6:15pm
Where: AMF Rocket Lanes in Chatsworth, CA (near Los Angeles)
Cost: Participants ($85.00 ea) Guests ($25.00 ea)

Join Dr. Will and Mike “Boogie” at The Zeke Lerner Celebrity Bowl-a-thon. This is an annual event where you can participate in a fun-filled day and relax with some of your favorite celebrities to help raise money for Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2006 and will be held at AMF Rocket Lanes in Chatsworth, CA (near Los Angeles). Dr. Will and Mike Boogie are attending along with many other celebrities to help raise money and awareness for this cause. You can read more about it on their website at http://www.bowl4fsma.org/ . There are still spaces for people to sign up as participants. As a participant you bowl with our celebrity guests. You will also be able to participate in our raffle, live and silent auctions, and the celebrity Q & A. Participation is $85.00 for adults. These fees include the activities above as well as lunch at the event. Participants can also buy guest tickets for friends and family. Guests are not allowed down on the lanes, but can be there to observe the event and participate in the raffle, auctions, and Q & A. Lunch is not included in guest pass. Adult guest tickets are $25.00. If you cannot attend then please consider making a donation or sponsor someone.”

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Janelle Update

“the topic you have on the front page regardig janie out on the town in the blue dress, just wanted to say that today in chat she mentioned she aslo bought a dress in blue just like the brown one from the wrap party..and janie just met burton from survivor and thought he was hot, nothing more, nothing less..oh but she did take his #.” – Anon