The HoH Competition is Over!

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Helen is the new HoH! 


Throughout the night, Big Brother made “deliveries”. Houseguests had to run to the backyard and watch as a conveyor belt displayed various Big Brother related items.

The competition was called “overnight delivery”. Julie Chen read a series of statements that were based on the deliveries during the night. Houseguess had to answer True or False to the statements.


The last person standing won HoH.

The HoH Competition is OVER/Have-Nots

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Update 3: Aaryn has the key and is the new HoH. She got to choose the Have-Nots for the week and picked Elissa, Helen, Candice and Andy.


Update 2: Jeremy and Aaryn did not follow the rules. They swapped cups instead of pouring, as Julie specifically mentioned in the rules. It remains to be seen if Big Brother will do anything about this.


Update: Jeremy and Aaryn have won the competition. We will update when it becomes evident which took the HoH position between them.


Players are competing in teams of two to fill up their jug with BBQ Sauce the fastest. One teammate must use their cup to transfer the sauce to the hedge and then they must pass it off to the other teammate who must bring it to the jug and fill it up. The team to fill up their jug first wins the competition. It is unclear as to how the HoH will be handled with the two winners as the sound cut out while Julie was explaining.

Players can fill up a smaller jug, which once filled will unlock two larger cups that can be used.

The teams are:
Spencer and Helen
GinaMarie and Candice
Amanda and Kaitlin
Andy and Elissa
Nick and Judd
Aaryn and Jeremy
Howard and Jessie

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Fixing the Non-Loading Feeds

For those of you who are having trouble loading the live feeds and are receiving a black screen, three methods have been observed to work thus far to get them in proper working order.



  1. Flashback to 9 PM on the 26th and then click Go Live.
  2. Click the highlights tab, load a video, click go live or move the video bar until it gives you the go live option.
  3. The feeds HELP page has a banner that says to set your time zone to Pacific. Close and reopen browsers.



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