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So I WON MY 2nd HOH!!!! OMG IM FREAKING OUT ITS CRAZY!!! I’m sure y’all all saw my post comp. “O”(as Reg referes to it) I was FREAKING OUT when I won b.c I didn’t think I would and also b.c my frienenemy Kristin had JUST put me up like 5 times to try to knock me outa the comp. but I came through and won HOH YAY and ensured that Brendon and I would stay another week, I think I was so emotional about it really b.c if I wouldn’t have won I think it would be Brendon and I on the block and I don’t know if we could have saved ourselves! BUT YAY I saved us so we get to continue to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

THIS HOUSE AND THIS GAME IS CRAZY! Brendon and I fight for our lives EVERY comp. and every day and we don’t really feel like ANYONE else does! It’s like easy road for a few people and than you have almost the ENTIRE HOUSE saying their coming after Brendon and I —-and I don’t think its going to stop esp. since we keeeeeeeeeep winning comps.

So this HOH I decided to do things a lil’ differently to be a lil more fiesty and fierce, and a lil more outspoken and mostly to MAKE POWER MOVES, really the first power moves of the game to date. I decided that it didn’t matter who I upset or who I try to be nice to, or what the house wants b.c the “house” is STILL GOING TO COME AFTER BRENDON AND I so either we prove to them and show them its better to be on our side, and if your not with us than your against us! QUE my one liner about Floaters GRAB YOUR LIFEVESTS…… and basically they should be scared b.c anytime I’m in this position I am going to be coming after the floaters and after the people who are on easy street not fighting after all this is a competition to win 500,000$ no one said it would be easy, and I think that anything worth something in this world is worth working for worth fighting for and worth so much more when you achieve your goals b.c you know in your heart that you worked hard, worked harder and with your whole heart! :) So basically now Brendon and I just have to make it the next 5weeks so we can be in the finals and that is going to be SUPER SUPER HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that we are going to continue to be the “outsiders” to continue to be targets and to continue to have to fight and fight hard to be here, but HEY IM A COMPETITOR AND FIGHTER SO IM NOT SCARED LIKE I SAID TO KRISTIN AND HAYDEN you come for me and Brendon than BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha 😉

Speaking of which, so the fight with Kristin I have no idea where it stemmed from but in my opinion I think she wanted to be the “queeen bee” of the house. She wants to be the only girl here so she can skate through to the end have Hayden protect her and she thinks the boys won’t target her….maybe she viewed me as competition, which was a BAD game move on her part, Brendon and I are both smart good strong players why would you so openly target us?! I don’t know what Kristin was thinking….maybe she thought she would win and than it just became a thing where she didn’t want me to win, but I’m not kidding you put me in that moment with the adrelinine running and I don’t even remember the riddles, I would hear the beginnings and I would quickly go through the comps. and hit the button… than after all the obvious targeting I won got super excited and maybe ummmmm….well yall saw went for Kristin, had a good one liner and than got INTO it with her….I don’t even KNOW what the argument was about and at one point I know she even got up in my face—it was BANANAS! so than I did appoligize to her and like Kristin she said apology not accepted and eww tried to fight again-so I walked away, than got my HOH room and KRISTIN DIDNT COME UP!!!!! What is she thinking really!? Like to be so obviously rude and mean to the girl who just won HOH and who was your “BFF” two weeks ago???? HMMMMMMM well obviously all her cards are out on the table….. SO basically Kristin ends up on the block next to Hayden and really has NO WHERE TO GO BUT HOME>>>>>SEEEEEEE YA-WON’T MISS YA-THANK GOD YOUR GONE–it does suck that she couldn’t play the game better and stay another week and make it to the jury!

So it was a really fun week, we played in a luxiourous(as Enzo would say) competition, to see who would view the NEW SUMMER MOVIE “THE OTHER GUYS” starring Will Ferrell(one of my FAV. ACTORS) and Mark Walhberg. And my boo boo and his boys won YAY :) So Brendon and I would have our first date, with chaprones hehe the movie was so good yall gota see it!!!! It was fun, funny, and action packed, really one of the best Will F. movies ever and so many good one liners and also a cast of stars the cast alone is worth the viewing! and in true Big Brother fashion we got the HOOOOOOK UPS we watched the movie with our own popcorn maker, and a plethlara(spelling) of candy like old school candy and new candy and everything in between!! WE ALSO had the BEST YUMMIEST soda collection known to man, I enjoyed an espresso diet soda AND a green tea diet soda I’m not kidding you it was so good!!!! I like these luxury comps. we get spoiled! :) So bottom line is if your ever in the Big Brother house playing for a luxiourous comp. play hard b.c the reward is big!

So now lets be GAME TALKERS……….. Ok so Hayden and Kristin approached me and Brendon after the POV (which Britney won thank god!) and wanted to make a deal with us, of course they did their butts are on the line…and I think they would have said ANYTHING at this point to stay and be saved so I pushed their buttons and tried to see JUST how desperate they were, I told them what they were talking about was a final four-four person alliance, (that’s a LOT to commit to in week 4) and that they had to keep us safe pull us off vote to keep us all here and work for all of us to get to the final four….and THEY AGREED! WOW! HOW DUMB DO I LOOK not only do I KNOW that Kristin and Hayden now are trying to play anything they can but they are agreeing to put up their friends, to backstab everyone, and to be true to me and Brendon yea…ummm…not so much…. Then basically I TOLD Hayden he needed to go make a deal with Britney to not involve Kristin at all and to make it something she cant resist…and HE DID WHAT I SAID….so now I know how easily Hayden is really manipulated, and controlled YIKES! So I agreed to the deal for the night waited to hear what Hayden offered Brittney and than waited to talk to Brendon, well basically Hayden offers Britney two weeks free from going up and two weeks to pull her off the block, SHHHESH so this kid just basically promised everyone in the deal the 5 of us to be the final 5—is he willing to sell out his friends that quickly!?!?! SCARY and if Brit even KNEW WHAT DEAL WAS MADE THERES NO WAY SHE WOULD AGREE TO BE PART OF A DEAL WITH 2 COUPLES REALLY GUYS…. BRITS NOT DUMB SHES REALLY SMART! so I knew that this “deal” was bad news Kristin and Hayden would do anything to stay right now and turn immediatly on Brendon and I!!!! YUCK OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Brit didn’t use the veto and Kristin started to campaign to keep herself here against her bff b/f Hayden, so she thinks that people would trust her at all if she’s willing to turn on Hayden who is her biggest alli than what wouldn’t she do…? Apparently Kristin really needs to re-read the Big Brother manual b.c her game SUCKS she’s made so many bad game moves in one and a half weeks I’m suprised that if she’s this bad it took her this long to be figured out!?!?!

After all this I approached Britney about having an alliance with Brendon and I and she seems like shes down… I hope she’s not just playing Brendon and I and I hope she doesn’t turn on us in the end like EVERYONE else in this game and house…. if Brendon and I can lock up two people we do trust and we do like than maybe that will guerentee us longeitivity in this game and we can hopefully make it to final four-than final two….its going to be really hard but I know that Brendon and I are capable of doing it! :) Its only going to get harder and Brendon and I are going to have to fight MORE AND MORE as the house gets smaller b.c the target on us gets bigger b.c people are going to want to split us up ASAP…. so America please be fans of ours we try soooo hard and fight harder :) hehehe

This game is only getting crazier I cant wait to find out what is going to be thrown at us the next few weeks and what yall have planed America :)

And thank you to the fans of Big Brother, we really do play this game for yall(well I do) I wish I could have yall sending me advice, its not easy when your in our shoes, this house is crazy and you always have to know that people are about to turn on you, mostly everything everyone says is a lie and even when you expect the unexpected you have NO IDEA what’s next! I hope they do a fans vs. favs b.c I know yall would beat me and teach me a thing or two about the game, I was a super fan also and I thought it would be easier but NO ITS NOT this Big Brother game and house is a constant battle for power, a constant battle to stay sane when your constantly being tested psychologically, a battle to play with logic when emotions get involved, a battle to find allis even for a week, a battle to trust people when you have everyone against you, its a social game, a physical game, an emotional game, THANK GOODNESS WE HAVE TRUE FANS cause YALL KNOW how nutz it must be, and I encourage the people who think they can play this game to do it! study every comp. study every season and STILL KNOW THAT ITS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT EVERY TIME I hope I get to sit back and watch yall next season and relate, to read your blogs and to know that your fighting as hard as I did for something you love, and you wanted so badly b.c that alone keeps you motivated, I never want to leave as hard as it will get and I can only expect it to be worse, I want to continue to be here fighting and in the end I can only hope I can meet the fans, and GAME TALK WITH YALL :) hehe even to the haters THANK YOU:::::To my fans :) I REALLY APPRICIATE YOUR SUPPORT AND HOPE YALL CONTINUE TO FOLLOW ME-To my haters keep hateing b.c the more you do the more motiviated I am to kick butt 😉 BUT KNOW YALL I WILL BE UP HERE AGAIN BLOGGING AGAIN AND EACH TIME IM SURE MY BLOGS WILL BE DIFFERENT HAHA I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH JUST BEING HOH TWICE AND there are STILL things I AM GOING TO DO Differently And DONT WORRY THE FIESTYNESS OF this RED HEAD WILL KEEP COMING OUT 😉

PS I MISS MY FAM, MY FRIENDS and my lil doggie Benz so much–I really really thank you for your support for your letters (lis and mom) and just the fact that I know yall watch me and are nervous for me when I play in these comps. and happy for me when I win, it really means so much that I am so blessed with such amazing family friends and fans I cant express that enough, yall really do make me fight harder! :) and I cant wait for yall to meet Brendon b.c hes really amazing 😉 AND I LOVE YALL SO MUCH :) THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES

xoxoxox RACHEL 😉