Big Brother 11 Twists Revealed!

Big Brother 11 Twist revealed.

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Per Corner,

First up, we have a theme throughout the house this year – called “The Have and The Have-Not’s”. You should be able to get the general idea regarding what that’s about from the name.

Now to much talked about High School theme that has caused various rumors to spread out over the internet. Here is how it will work:

Big Brother has cast people who they believe represent some typical high school stereotypes. However, it will not be Big Brother pairing them up. Once they enter the house, they will be told to form the cliques themselves – Big Brother will not force them together like Big Brother 9. In other words, Big Brother could have cast someone that they see as a Jock but the houseguests could decide that they are a “geek” instead.

Once these cliques are formed, they will play as teams for a while, but they will eventually split off into individuals and play the Big Brother Game by themselves.

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