Big Brother 7: All Stars, Season 7 Episode 17, Recap 08/15

“August 16, 2006

Originally Aired August 15, 2006

Episode Rating: *** (three out of five stars)

Episode Overview: The Power of Veto is up for grabs as past HouseGuests arrive to compete in the PoV competition.

Episode Highlights:

The Legion of Doom concoct a plan for the PoV competition.
Marcellas is nominated in Danielle’s stead.
Boogie and Erika’s relationship is outed


“Erika is a scumbag of a player,” says Janelle in the Diary Room as the show begins. How does one become a “scumbag” of a player? I suppose, by Janelle’s certainly jaded definition, that being a “scumbag” consists of being nice to everyone and not choosing to backstab the people you live with. Can we all put to rest the notion that Janelle might be smarter than she seems? She is dumb. Let’s move on.

So, apparently, Erika and Boogie are a couple. Or they were. I don’t know. They claim to have “hung out” before the season and Erika claims to have a secret alliance with Boogie, but Boogie seems desperate to further the idea that he is just using her for his personal gain on BIG BROTHER. I have no clue.

The second Coup D’Etat clue is presented in the backyard in the form of a giant needle with a spool of yarn going through it’s eye. The HouseGuests all sit outside contemplating what the secret phrase may be (the first clue was a sheep with a pink bow on). Will and Boogie hold off on guessing officially, but put forth a couple of good prospective guesses, like “You reap what you sow.” Janelle uses Howie to guess, “Wolf in sheep’s clothing,” which makes a lot of sense if you’re an idiot. In addition to this, the overwhelming combined brainpower of Janelle and Howie decide to tell everyone that Howie guessed, ““Spool of Lies”. No one believes that Howie is telling the truth because, well, it’d be the dumbest guess of all time.

Picking the Veto players is, as always, deathly exciting. Janelle isn’t allowed to compete, because of the last Veto Competition, so only five contestants with vie for the PoV. Will, James and Marcellas will join Danielle and Erika.

The Legion of Doom gather secretively to discuss their plan. James and Will do not want to win the PoV because Veto-ing Danielle would be a dead giveaway of their allegiance. Therefore, it is in all their best interests to help Danielle win.

As is the theme of the week, ex-HouseGuests have been brought back to help out with the challenges. Today, BIG BROTHER has revived challenges from seasons past, as well as former HouseGuests who competed in them. First, the ex-Guests will perform the challenge as fast as they can. Afterwards, the PoV contestants bid on how quickly they can perform said challenge. Whoever bids the lowest (or most, depending) gets to attempt the challenge. If they beat the time they gave, they can eliminate a competitor. If they lose, they are eliminated from the challenge. Ooo-ey, I love me my challenge explanations.

First up is Nicole from Big Brother 2, who will eat 15 sushi rolls as fast as she can. It takes her over five minutes. Will underbids all by a fair margin at 2:56. He takes his time, but finishes easily, then eliminates Marcellas.

Next, Scott from Big Brother 5 arrives to compete in the flamingo-ring toss, in which contestants must throw hula hoops onto garden flamingos, each containing a different point value. Once you get ten, you stop. Scott seems reasonably adept at this hula hoop tossing, getting ten points in a seemingly insurmountable time. However, James bids lower and, what do you know, finishes it easily. Things start to get interesting when James, expected by his Season Six “alliance” to off Danielle, protects her and eliminates Erika. Janelle smells a betrayal.

Jack from Big Brother 4 arrives on the scene to perform the “spinning in a chair for two minutes then carrying a full glass of champagne to a pedestal, then ringing a bell” challenge. That’s always a good one. Jack performs it masterfully, but slowly. James, again, bids the lowest, yet this time he needs to throw the challenge. And he does, but unconvincingly. He was obviously not dizzy, and he certainly didn’t fool anyone.

Down to Will and Danielle, Hardy from Big Brother 2 shows up to ride the mechanical bull. He stays on for 59 seconds, seemingly admirable, but Will sets himself up nicely and believably for the loss by bidding an arrogant 3 minutes. There is no way Will can ride the bull for three minutes, and he knows it, but it allows him to put forth the maximum effort for everyone to see. He makes it about thirty seconds longer than Hardy and falls off. Danielle is the winner and the Legion of Doom rejoices in private.

James has some ‘splaining to do in the Head of Household room with Janelle and Howie, and he pulls it off about as well as he could hope. The two seem convinced that he’s not out and out against them, but merely is using Danielle as a fall-back to the Season Six alliance. ChillTown enter the HoH and Will administers another mental beatdown of Janelle, manipulating her subtly.

Hey, it’s a sequence of Erika and Janelle, bikini-clad, in the hot tub with Will. They all agree to take a shower together, and Will fetches Boogie. Erika and Boogie make out in the shower, while Janelle fails to coax Will into kissing her. Janelle is putty in Will’s hands. Howie wants to take part, but is unceremoniously kicked out.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Danielle surprises no one by using the Power of Veto on herself. Janelle decides, wisely, to nominate Marcellas. Janelle has no allies in this house besides Howie and if I had to guess, she’ll be going home next week. However, since that’s not what CBS wants, it may not go that way. We shall see.

-Oscar Dahl”

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