Week 2 Takeover Revealed!

Kathy Griffin revealed her biggest twist coming up in her BBTakeover Week


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Kathy will be calling houseguests throughout the week on a telephone. The person to answer the 7th phone call will get the power of “Last Laugh”. That person will be able to pick 3 people to NOT vote in the Week 2 eviction.


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Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 7/1

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 7/1

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1. 5AM.

  • Jace made it known that he intends to wake up 7 people at 5AM, bring them to the storage room, and convince them to vote for him to stay. Jace revealed this to Vanessa and Steve early in the morning.

2. Blame Jeff.

  • Audrey and Jace both tried to pin the leak on Jeff in conversations with James. They wanted James to rethink the upcoming vote and keep Jace around in order to help take out Jeff. They both tried to make James believe that Jeff was planning to target him. In a conversation with Da’Vonne and Jason, James revealed that he was not concerned with this information and that Jace should still be voted out.

3. Prom Night.

  • The houseguests entertained themselves by having a prom night in the living room. Da’Vonne hosted the prom, while Audrey and Jace did not participate. Prom King and Prom Queen ended up being Jeff and Meg, determined by a skittles draw. The couples also participated in a talent show and then played charades to pass some time.

4. Exile.

  • Audrey stayed in bed for most of the night while the prom festivities were going on. When Shelli visited her, Audrey made it known that she needed to win HoH or she would be targeted by everyone.

5. Late Night Chinese.

  • The houseguests, Clay in particular, helped to prepare a large meal for the Have Nots, who would be allowed to eat after midnight. On top of this, Big Brother delivered take out Chinese food, as voted on by the live feeders.

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Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/30

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/30

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1. Everyone Knew.

  • In front of Da’Vonne and a few other alliance members, Audrey revealed to Jace that Jace was the back door target from the beginning of the week. Jace turned the conversation and began to call Audrey a manipulator and puppet master in front of everyone. The conversation ended with Jace telling James that he would call a house meeting soon so everyone could call out Audrey.

2. Caught.

  • After Audrey swore to Da’Vonne that she has never once said anything bad about Da’Vonne, Vanessa walked in on the conversation and revealed that Audrey had told her (Vanessa) that Da’Vonne was the one spreading rumors about a girls alliance. Da’Vonne walked out of the room saying “Game On” and went to find Jason.

3. Pathological Liars.

  • Da’Vonne gathered the alliance in the Have Not room with Audrey and Vanessa to clear things up. The alliance confirmed that Audrey was the one to start the girls alliance rumor (which included Vanessa). Audrey became very defensive and said that Da’Vonne and Jason are “pathological liars” and Da’Vonne is the one spreading lies and rumors. After the discussion, the entire group made it known that they were unhappy and angry with Audrey.

4. Outsiders.

  • Austin told Jace that he may be able to rally the votes to evict Jackie if they unite the outsiders with the knowledge of the eight person alliance. Audrey would also be included in the plan, as she is now on the outside of the alliance.

5. Cornered.

  • Jace cornered Steve and explained to him just how frustrated and upset he was that Steve backstabbed him. Earlier in the day, Jace learned that Steve was in on the plan to be a pawn for a bigger target. Jace angrily explained to Steve that he was hurting the only person who truly cared about him, and that the other houseguests made fun of Steve and called him names behind his back. Jace aggressively spoke to Steve in order to make him feel bad and try to help him.

BONUS. Real Alliance.

  • Sick of all the distrust in the group, Shelli, Clay, and Jeff agreed to make an alliance of complete trust. They agreed to meet up tomorrow to find two other members that they all trust completely.

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/29

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/29

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1. Short Term Solution, Long Term Problem.

  • Alone in the backyard, Steve spoke to the cameras. He said that his Power of Veto win was only a short term solution. He made it known that he needs to do a lot of work socially before the next HoH competition in order to stay off of the block. Steve also revealed that he intends to throw the HoH competition as he does not want to be forced to pick a side yet. Steve is also sure the Audrey is in a number of alliances since she has developed strong relationships with most of the people in the house.

2. Beating Around the Poker Bush.

  • Day and Vanessa talked to each other for quite a while about personal things. They approached the topic of poker at one point. Day played completely dumb, saying she did not know much about it and Vanessa said she was a “professional gambler” for two years before she started DJing.

3. Clean Slate.

  • Austin and Jeff agreed to sit down and hash out some of their differences. They realized that they were being fed similar information about one another in order to keep them apart. Both agreed to a clean slate and agreed to not nominate one another.

4. Sweet Dreams.

  • Jace told Audrey and Meg that after praying last night, he had a dream telling him who it was that backstabbed him. He told Audrey that he did not think it was her. Jace has yet to reveal who he believes is the one responsible for his backstab.

5. Blaming Others.

  • Audrey spent most of the day out of the spotlight after yesterday’s events. When the topic of the song has come up in conversation, Audrey has done her best to blame Da’Vonne and Vanessa (in separate conversations).

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/28

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/28

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1. Late Night Interrogation.

  • In front of James, Jason, and Shelli, Audrey questioned Jeff about his relationships with Austin and Vanessa. Jeff called Audrey a psychopath for thinking he would have a relationship with Austin at this point and said that Vanessa must be playing a dirty game if she is the one spreading all of the speculation. Jeff confirmed that he was happy to be a part of the current group..

2. Early Risers.

  • Vanessa and Austin woke up before everyone else, so they were able to have some alone time to chat. Vanessa had previously hinted to Austin that Jace would be backdoored this week. Vanessa revealed that she thinks that James is being manipulated and that Audrey is the culprit. Austin has pegged Clay and Audrey as the power alliance and show at this point.

3. Long Hair, Don’t Care.

  • Steve used the Power of Veto to save himself. James nominated Jace. Jace angrily spoke alone to James in the HoH room after the meeting.

4. Sleeper Cell.

  • Vanessa, Audrey, Shelli, Clay, and Austin formed an alliance called Sleeper Cell.

5. House Meeting?

  • Jace and Austin have discussed the idea of calling a house meeting in order to clear up all of the “he said, she said”. In a heated conversation with Jace, Audrey told Jace to go ahead and call one, but then quickly back tracked. Jace has yet to call a house meeting, but intends to in the coming days.

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/27

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/27

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1. A house full of night owls.

  • The 17th group of houseguests are a pretty late night bunch. So far in the two nights the feeds have been up, a majority of the house has been up past 4am.

2. Audrey Came to Play.

  • Audrey is playing the game very hard. She spends most of her waking moments talking game to almost every member of the house. She is in a good, yet dangerous position, as she has a great “game” relationship with just about everyone. However, some are starting to notice how far her reach has become.

3. Twin Swap.

  • In the afternoon, Julia (Liz’s twin) entered the diary room and it was very evident to the feed watchers that Liz came out, thus reentering the house for the next few days.

4. The poker player makes a move.

  • Vanessa, who has yet to talk much game with anyone, sat down with Clay (and later Audrey) about the possibility of forming an alliance with Shelli, Clay and Audrey.

5. “Shelltown” works James.

  • Jace and Austin (in a final 2 alliance called “Shelltown”) worked James to try and get him to backdoor Jason. They claimed they would have the votes to evict him, and James acted as if he was on board. He later went up and told members of the “High Rollers” what went down and assured them that the real plan was still to backdoor Jace.

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/26

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/26

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1. Pre Feed Fight.

  • Austin and Jeff apparently got into some sort of argument before the feeds went live. They are not shy about their dislike for each other, and they booth seem to be gunning for the other.

2. Which Twin is Which?.

  • Although it has not been revealed on the show yet, Liz is the houseguest with the twin. It appears that her sister, Julia, is the one currently in the house because of the visible difference between the two.

3. A Nerdy Veto.

  • In typical early season fashion, the letter search/spelling competition was the first PoV of the summer. Steve, currently on the block, secured himself safety by spelling the word “trombonist.”

4. Rumor Mongering.

  • Austin, Jace and Liz began spreading rumors that Audrey is a rat and untrustworthy. After the veto competition, there was quite a bit of action on the feeds as multiple meetings took place about what was said, who said it, and why it was said.

5. Alliances.

  • There are already so many alliances, it is hard to keep track of them all. Two of the most prominent groups seem to be the following:
    • James, Day, Meg, Audrey, and Jason (with Jeff and Jackie as outside members) look to have an alliance called the “High Rollers”
    • Liz, Austin and Jace have an alliance called “Uno, dos, tres Amigos”

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Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/25

Five Things You Need To Know is back! Reality BBQ will continue to feature a daily update keeping you informed of the five key points you may have missed on the feeds and LFUs for the previous day. Each update post will contain spoilers.

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 6/25

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The houseguests have been in the house for eight days already, so it is important to bring you up to speed on the things we learned once the feeds came on.

1. Nominations.

  • James nominated Steve and Jackie.
  • Jason nominated Becky and John.

2. Battle of the Block.

  • Becky and John won the first Battle of the Block competition and Jason was dethroned.

3. Have Nots.

  • Austin, Liz, Da’Vonne, and Vanessa are Have Nots for the week. This seasons’s Have Not room is decorated like a dentist’s office.

4. Veto Players.

  • Becky, John, and Jason were chosen to play in the Power of Veto competition.

5. Backdoor Plan Already..

  • James intends to backdoor Jace if the Power of Veto is used. Jackie, Steve, and a number of other housegusts are in on the plan to backdoor Jace.

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