Article: REALITY TV CHAMPION: Ruling the Roost (Courtesy of PMS’N)

“Las Vegan Maggie Ausburn thought she was doing her friend, Eric Littmann, a favor when she agreed to participate in a stunt for the CBS reality series “Big Brother 6.”

Now, it looks like he was doing her the favor: Ausburn ended up winning the reality series’ grand prize of $500,000, beating out 13 other contestants.”

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Article: ‘BB6′ winner to share the wealth

“She’s not allowed to give details, but Big Brother 6 winner Maggie Ausburn says her friend and former housemate Eric Littmann will benefit from her windfall.

As the grand prize winner of BB6, Ausburn, a 27-year-old emergency room nurse from Las Vegas, will receive $500,000 U.S.

She says she owes her victory to Littmann, who successfully tried out for the show and then invited her to tag along as his secret partner inside the house.

“I didn’t sign up for this — it was all Eric. I just got a call at work one day,” she says. “We’re not allowed to talk about that (splitting the money), but I am so sharing.”

Ausburn won the money on Tuesday after seven of her former housemates voted 4-3 in her favour. Ivette Corredero, the runner-up, will receive $50,000.

“We didn’t know how the other house guests felt about us. We just didn’t talk about that in the house … so we didn’t know how anyone was going to vote. I thought it was going to be very close and it was,” she says.

After living in the BB6 house for 80 days (1,895 hours), Ausburn says the best part of being on the reality show was not winning the moola, but leaving the game.

“Walking out that door was better than winning. It was definitely the best part,” she says, adding she does not plan on pursuing a career in television.

“I just want to go back to living a normal life. I am so excited to go back to work.”

Another thing Ausburn plans to do, aside from buying furniture and a new wardrobe with her winnings, is watching the episodes of BB6 that aired throughout the summer on CBS. She says she’s curious to see how the show was edited.

“In a lot of our diary room sessions, they would ask us how we felt about someone or something and then they would ask us how we thought other house guests would feel about it. I think some of those comments were shown as ours,” she says, adding her feelings are based on comments from fans, reporters and the other house guests.

“Some things people have said are really surprising. I am really surprised about being told I was the leader of my group. I think we talked about it as a joke, but it was just a joke — I was not the leader.””


Interview with Eric

“Q. What made you want to be a part of the show “Big Brother 6″?

A. It was really on a dare from my wife because I was always complaining about Jase in “Big Brother 5.” She told me to apply and the rest is history.”

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Article: Eric Leaves Colleagues His Shifts

“Las Vegas firefighter Eric Littman may have some fires to put out on the home front when he returns. His colleagues at Fire Station No. 44 aren’t pleased that Littman, who was voted off the CBS reality show “Big Brother 6″ on Thursday, left them with extra shifts to cover. Las Vegan Maggie Ausburn remains alive on the show.”


Article: Big Brother’s Eric Is Fired Up

Note: Eric’s answer to “Do you think your family has been watching?” he neither says yes or no, but his answer sounds like he hasn’t talked to his wife yet to know the answer. Also, Eric had a hotel room reserved for him, but not a plane ticket… likely meaning he’s in sequester. The only HG so far to get a plane ticket is Ashlea, but they may have just bought it to throw us off the scent.

“Turnabout is fair play. Big Brother’s Eric Littman learned that the hard way when he went from ruling the roost as Head of Household on July 14 to being most recently evicted houseguest on July 28. The married father of two, who is employed as a firefighter in Las Vegas, got burned by Kaysar, a former cohort who staged one of the biggest upsets in the show’s history by flipping Eric’s dominant alliance to his advantage. spoke to Eric the day after his ouster to see how he was handling his sudden change of address.”

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Article: The Harder They Come

“On ”Big Brother,” alpha male Eric finally saw what was about to hit him, but all he could do was take it like a man by Lynette Rice

BURNED Firefighter Eric slid down the pole

Eric: I have no idea what you’ll tell your kids about the ”Big Brother experience,” but I have a sneaking suspicion about what they may ask you when you make it back home. ”Daddy, why are you so bossy?” ”Daddy, why did you act like a flaming butthole on national TV and try to pick a fight with that man?” ”Daddy, why did Mommy run out of the room crying every time you and Maggie hugged and talked about how you love each other?””

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Article: CBS blows smoke, but no fire

“CBS is backing away from its earlier claims that one of the “Big Brother” contestants is a Boston firefighter.

When pressed for an explanation, a CBS flunky finally stated that Eric Littmann was a native of the Hub and that he worked here as an EMT.

She declined to comment further, saying all would be revealed as part of the show’s many duplicitous twists.

Which begs the question: If a secret is revealed and no one is watching, is it still a secret?”


A Little Birdie Tells Me…

Michael has asked producers about battery charges on Eric. He has met with producers and a CBS attorney in the diary room this morning to discuss the situation. Also, CBS has four extra crew now 24/7 with an off duty Sherrif’s officer on hand until the house calms down or someone gets removed.

Edited to add: Battery typically involves physical contact. Michael would be better to discuss assault, defined as:

1. An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another.
2. The act or an instance of unlawfully threatening or attempting to injure another.

Eric’s motions when leaping out of the chair and heading towards Michael could be considered a threat of bodily injury.