Partying with BB5’s Holly & Jase

“ producers threw a birthday bash for Holly King from “Big Brother 5″ at the W-Hotel on Friday night. We invited Lisa Donahue (“Big Brother 3″), Derek Riker (“Amazing Race 3″), Kaya Wittenburg and Valerie Penso (“Temptation Island 1″), Lori Valenti (“Big Brother 5″). and Marcellas Reynolds (“Big Brother 3″) to join in the fun. Holly brought her love interest, fellow “Big Brother 5″ housemate, Jase, to the party.”


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“”Most people hate Jase, but the problem is that a lot of people hate Diane, too,” says “Spamgirl,” who runs the “Big Brother” Web site

“They’re two extremely strong people, and most people view them as the head of the opposing teams.”

“They’ve gone back to ‘Big Brother 2′ by casting more villains, more ‘characters,’ ” says Spamgirl.

“They’re playing the part, and that makes up a huge part of the show ‘ and when you throw the twists on top of that, it’s even better.””

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