BIG BROTHER announces this summer’s exciting new twist, “BB Takeover,” featuring weekly surprise guests who will unleash new twists into the game each and every week. The season’s special two-night premiere airs Wednesday, June 24 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and Thursday, June 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. In addition, Houseguests this season will live in a modern steel beach house that features a towering Sky Bridge.

This summer’s “BB Takeover” twist will feature a surprise guest each week who will appear on the show to announce a new twist into the game. Expecting the unexpected will be taken to new heights as Houseguests attempt to stay in the game amid the ever-changing twists that shake up life inside the house on a weekly basis. A special guest will appear on each night of the two-night premiere and reveal twists that could affect the cast and viewers.

“This is going to be the biggest BIG BROTHER ever! Surprise guests, twists every week all summer long and, of course, Zingbot!” said Executive Producer Rich Meehan. “But the Houseguests better keep their focus, because BIG BROTHER is all about relationships. Trust me, with all the twists and turns, those bonds will be more important than ever, because at the end of the week, it’s your housemates that send you packing on eviction night.”

This season, the BIG BROTHER Houseguests will live in a modern steel beach house that’s the largest yet, with the addition of the “Sky Bridge,” which adds 155 square feet of living space. Featuring a floor comprised of 12 clear plexi-glass panels, the bridge is not for the faint of heart, with its clear view to the first floor below. Also, Houseguests will enjoy the towering 22-foot-tall steel Wave Wall made of custom curved steel, wood and Plexiglas in the living room, which required the ceiling to be raised from 12 to 24 feet.

The details on the walls throughout the house will show “half-tone” finishing, similar to a comic book illustration, and one of the bedrooms will be dedicated to this edgy pop art style. While the downstairs area evokes the sea, upstairs is all about the sky. The Head of Household suite is essentially a skybox with transparent flooring and clouds everywhere, where the HOH will feel like they’re literally floating on cloud nine. The beach theme continues in the bedrooms, with one filled with coral and driftwood and the other capturing the magic of the sea at night with the vibe of an upscale club.


Cast Revealed

The bios of the 14 new contestants on Big Brother have been released by CBS. Big Brother Network has also released bios as well. Live interviews will take place at 8am BBT and is available to those who have subscribed to CBS All Access.

Rumor: Two Returnees?

Is this a typo? Is it a hint? We have seen the house pictures which show 16 key slots on the memory wall, but CBS’s recent blog post says

“In less than 24 hours, former Big Brother alum Jeff Schroeder will personally introduce fans to 14 new members of the BB family, all of whom will soon be stepping into the house for the first time next week. (Mark your calendars because the two-night Season 17 premiere gets underway on Wednesday, June 24, at 8/7c.) ”

CBS’s post can be found HERE

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Big Brother Canada 3: Things You Need To Know about the Feeds FINALE ROUNDUP

We wanted to extend a big thank you to anyone who kept up with these updates throughout the course of the season. We truly apologize at the long lapses in content. After the first few weeks, most of the staff stopped keeping up with the live feeds for a plethora of different reasons. It made it quite difficult to update daily when no one was watching. The lack of forum activity also made it difficult to motivate and get the content prepared. We look forward to the increased activity and excitement for Big Brother 17.

We have a great group of staff members who watch the Big Brother USA feeds daily who plan to contribute to getting these posts out on time. The Big Brother 17 content will be coming to you daily [and early each day] starting June 24th or June 25th.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Big Brother Canada 3: Things You Need To Know about the Feeds (Another) UPDATE

Here are the links to the last few ‘Things You Need To Know Updates’. We apologize for missing posts again. We will have consistent posts for Big Brother 17. It has been difficult to keep up with the updates due to the lack of fan interest in BBCan3, as well as the very boring and censored feeds.

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Big Brother Canada 3: Things You Need To Know about the Feeds UPDATE

Here are the links to the last few ‘Things You Need To Know Updates’. We apologize for the missing blog posts, first they were not posted and then the blog went down for a bit. We will have consistent daily posts moving forward and especially for BB17. 4/21 and 4/22 will be posted tomorrow and then daily updates will continue for 4/23.

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