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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28 — Neil Patrick Harris, star of the CBS comedy series “How I Met Your Mother” and an avid reality TV fan, will make a surprise visit to BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS when he drops into the house for “Christmas in August,” a prize the Houseguests won in Sunday’s food competition. Harris’ guest appearance will be broadcast Tuesday, Aug. 29 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.

Helicopter Drop *WARNING TO PRODUCERS* (Spamgirl note added)

Apparently, a couple of fans are putting together a “Helicopter Drop” that will be very similiar to the banner planes of Big Brother season’s past. In the next 14 days this helicopter will hover around the house and drop the package of fan messages to all the houseguests. ***Users Beware: This could be and most likely is a scam for 10 dollars.***

I hope the producers are keeping a watch out in the skies. I certainly don’t want our super duper secret alliances to be ruined by fans.

Spamgirl adds: Producers have spotters for planes and helicopters, and (as rumour goes) have paid off all local banner companies to warn them before any banner flies (the banner company WILL still take your money though :). If they see a helicopter coming, the hampsters go back in the cage, even BEFORE this situation arose.

IF anything was dropped into the house, the HG are informed to get inside quickly – how are they to know it’s not a bomb, Anthrax, etc. It would be flames for a very, very long time as the bomb squad is called to inspect the package and remove it.

The Food Competition is Over! *spoiler*

It’s time to cook up some fun at the Big Brother bakery. They’re going to have a slop cookoff. George doesn’t have to cook as he’s back on slop regardless, and Marcellas has a slop pass and doesn’t have to cook. They will cook a dish for every day of the week and past HG will judge their creations.

The Houseguests Judging are Nicole (BB2), Jun (BB4), and Marvin (BB5).

Slopfredo – Tuesday
A trio of Pan Fried Slopcakes w/ Confetti Vegetables – Wednesday
Back by Slopular Demand, All Star Cupcake Medley – Thursday
Slop Slow Roast Pasta – Friday
Sloptacular All Star Burritos – Saturday
Slopfle – Sunday

They judged the dishes but we didn’t get to see the outcome.

HoH Being Redone

Because Howie’s buzzer didn’t work for one question (who’s to say he didn’t just miss the button?) they are redoing HoH.

On“Due to technical malfunction of the buzz-in device, Big Brother will be redoing the Head of Household Competition. It will be broadcast during Sunday night’s show.”

Spamgirl rant: I’m sorry, but it’s taken them SIX FUCKING SEASONS to actually step up and do the right thing. People ate food while they were on PB&J and Arnold said tough titties. Rules were broken all over, and nothing happened. Many HoH comps had glitches and people complained but they never redid them. What if Howie had just missed his button (and Mike Boogie too as his didn’t light up once)? I’m sorry, but their competitions are SO LAME and badly organized that now the props DON’T EVEN WORK. Julie can’t read a teleprompter anymore – what, no one is servicing the Chenbot but Les Moonves? Advertisers are pulling out because ratings suck. This is the most ramshackle season ever.

Can things get worse? I can’t even imagine.

New Twist: Coup d’Etat *spoiler*

The Coup d’Etat is: in any of the next 3 eviction episodes, the winner of the Coup d’Etat will be able to overthrow HOH and replace their nominees on the spot before voting. The twist is that no one but the winner will know what it is until it is used. Tune in Sunday and Tuesday to watch the HG compete for it.

The HG will be given clues to a well known BB phrase. The first person to guess it wins. Each HG only has one guess.

The first clue is a sheep with a pink and red bow around his neck eating a plate of something. Sheep? Lamb? What does it mean?

James tries to pet it and it makes a noise at him – I guess even sheep ARE good judges of character 😉

There is a desk bell in the middle of the lazy susan.

Prom Night *spoiler*

Next Thursday is prom night – go to to vote for class clown, most annoying, best looking, and all your favourite prom night titles!

Choose your Prom King or Queen – text the number that corresponds to your choice to 81818. 1 Marcellas, 2 Janelle, 3 Will, 4 James, 5 Danielle, 6 Howie, 7 Mike ,8 Erika, 9 George. The winner will have an advantage in the next HoH competition.

The HoH Competition is Over! *spoiler*

The HoH competition was: True/False in the backyard stalls about the former houseguests who went into the house, stole stuff, then talked to them in a seance.

George is slowest to answer first, he goes. Marcellas goes second after being too slow. Janelle gets the next one wrong and goes. Howie is too slow and goes. Will goes next, obviously throwing it and getting it wrong. Boogie is too slow and goes. James is too slow.

The HoH winner is: Erika!