Connect with RealityBBQ for BB15

Here is a rundown of various ways that you can connect with RealityBBQ through social media this season:



  • Our blog page will be updated daily with twist information, competition spoilers, ongoing endurance news when those competitions happen, nomination spoilers, veto ceremony results, and general news.      


  • Follow us on Twitter  for those of you on the go. Everything posted to our blog page will also be published with a link to Twitter so you are always up to date on the latest Big Brother news.                                      


  • Like us on facebook  for conversations and news with fellow Big Brother 15 fans!


  • Participate in our message board. Engage in conversations, debate points, talk to fellow fans, discuss the live feeds, talk about anything related to Big Brother 15 here.


  • Join us in Chat. Real time conversations regarding what is happening in the house! Or stop by and discuss whatever you’d like. This is the place to be for endurance competitions and show nights as we discuss what is going on in real time.