Preseason Football Preemptions

Big Brother fans in the Chicago, Denver, Pittsburgh, New England (Boston), Atlanta, Buffalo, and Washington Markets will most likely not be able to find the Live Show on CBS tonight at its normal time.

The Stations that will be showing football (with their city in parenthesis)

WTKR 3 (CBS; Norfolk, VA)
WTVH 5 (CBS; Syracuse, NY)
WBNG 12 (CBS; Binghamton, NY)
WGCL 46 (CBS; Atlanta)
WBZ 4 (CBS; Boston, MA)
KDKA 2 (CBS; Pittsburgh, PA)
WTAJ 10 (CBS; Altoona, PA)
WHP 21 (CBS; Harrisburg, PA)
KKTV 11 (CBS; Colorado Springs)
KTVQ 2 (CBS; Billings MT)
KXLF 4 (CBS; Butte MT)
KRTV 3 (CBS; Great Falls MT)
KPAX 8 (CBS; Missoula MT)
WIFR 23 (CBS; Rockford IL)
WMBD 31 (CBS; Peoria, IL)
KHQA 7 (CBS; Quincy IL)

Some areas (Pittsburgh) will be showing Big Brother at 9pm on a different channel.

We hope to have a live stream available in chat for those of you who can not find the show on another channel.

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