Gretchen, MySpace: Crazy James Party Pics are up!

“Hello Everybody!

I just said farewell to Crazy James at his going away party at Bar 107 in downtown LA. I thought there might be tons of past houseguests there, but besides my good friend Sheila, there weren’t any BB alum at the party. (I did see Parker arriving as I drove off, but by that time I was too pooped to party anymore.) However, I did have a great time getting to know James a little better, meeting his brand new girlfriend Bonnie (who’s moving to Paris with him!), talking to his fire blowing friend named Tackle Box, and picking the brain of James’ good friend Brian, the unique, wig wearing owner of Bar 107 (and perhaps the current guy in the life of our good griend Sheila?)

Picture-wise, I’m still working with the same camera (I know, I know, LOL!) but I was able to get a few shots that weren’t blurry–they’re all up on at http://www. crackinupradio. com/.
If you click on the ‘Crazy James Bye Bye Party’ bubble by my head on the first page of the site, you’ll get to see all the pics I took.

Here’s what’s really cool, though–I was able to have a more in depth, one-on-one interview with James about why he’s really leaving America and what it’s been like for him after Big Brother. You will be able to see this candid video (and others from the party–Sheila, Bonnie, Brian & the Fire Blower Tacklr Box) in a few days. That’s when I’m going to launch the first episode of ‘The Show Between Shows with Gretchen’ on my website! I thought it might be fun to create a series of short shows on crackinupradio. com for all of you to watch in between BB seasons–I’ll be doing crazy interviews and activities with previous BB houseguests who I can hunt down here in California, plus plenty of other interesting short, free, funny snippets of entertainment.
Hope you tune in–I’ll keep you posted when the first episode is up!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a free laugh to fill your time, please check out the latest episode of CrackinUp Radio: http://www. crackinupradio. com/CrackinUpSep192008. html

Hope your week is going well so far,