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When it comes to “big brother”, it’s all about alliances and betrayals. Now the power struggle comes down to the final two houseguests. Jerry Macdonald was the last person evicted from the house. Our Julie Chen, who is also the host of “Big Brother”, spoke with jerry just moments after he was voted out.

Jerry: I’m Jerry and this big bro fan is not your typical grandpa.

Dan: “I’m sorry, I have to evict you, Jerry.”

Julie: “It’s official, Jerry, you are the last person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.”

Julie: Jerry, how surprised are you that Dan evicted you tonight?

Jerry: I’m not surprised at all that Dan evicted me. We hade our ups and downs. He and Memphis were close, ball friends, throwing those things at each other in the pool at the time. And you couldn’t hardly find one without the other.

Julie: You’ve watched this show since season one. Was the experience what you thought it would be?

Jerry: The experience was every bit the challenge I thought it would be, I thought in some cases I would do better, you know, I did get two HoHs one gifted, I liked that. And I did win two PoVs so I played hard. I think I did okay. I hope people remember me for that. Said, that old bastard did good, ha ha, (big laugh).

The “big brother” finale is next Tuesday night. But for more of Julie’s interview with Jerry Macdonald, you can go to our website early show – dot- cbs news-dot-com.