The Luxury Competition is Over! *spoiler*

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The HG wake up to a gorilla! (According to CornerOfficeX, it’s an ex-hg from season 10!) They go to the backyard and there’s a female contortionist wearing a blue leotard, a bathtub full of dirt, a picture of an ear, a diamond, an ostrich with glasses, boxing gloves, a giant hot dog, a cow, a boulder, a bell, a wishing well, an elephant, a dog/coyote/wolf, a space ship, a living statue of Caesar, a blue earth/globe/blueberry/plum/apple?, a waterfall, a “white ball thingie with leaves and a stem on top”, an army green box covered in jungle netting, a cracking egg with IT written on it and a rubber chicken sticking out, a large (wedding?) cake, an orange triangle (clues to Las Vegas?) The gorilla covers up a spaceship with a tarp. The bell is for HG to guess the “common phrase” they all represent, Jerry rings it and goes to the diary room. Comes out, Keesha rings the bell and goes to the diary room. They have 3 hours and 3 guesses each. The gorilla gives them each a banana. He covers the ear. He then covers an ostrich with a red tarp. Dan rings the bell, goes to the DR. The gorilla and contortionist leave. Jerry rings the bell for his third chance. The gorilla comes back and covers up the hot dog. Next he covers the wishing well, then the statue. The gorilla acts like a mime. Dan rings the bell for another try. The gorilla covers up a cake. The gorilla pets a dog. Covers the bathtub with a yellow tarp. Keesha rings the bell and gives a second guess. Dan says Jerry was sad when the gorilla covered the cake. The gorilla, panting, makes a faux hawk with his hair. He covers the dog/coyote with a yellow tarp. He covers the elephant with a red tarp (with Jerry and Dan’s help). The gorilla gives Dan a faux hawk. The gorilla covers something else with a red tarp. The gorilla points to his wrist like it’s time. Dan hides to scare the gorilla. There is a diamond and the camera zooms on it (diamond PoV?) Jerry tells Dan he’s out of guesses. The gorilla acts like a chicken in front of Memphis, does the faux hawk, then sticks his thumb in his mouth and flaps his arms like a chicken. Jerry says all the props are from past competitions. The gorilla boxes with his yellow cape on. Dan puts on boxing gloves and hits his fists together. The gorilla points to his head then the backyard (think about the clues.) Gorilla covers the ostrich, then the diamond with a yellow tarp. Keesha rings the bell, final guess. Dan thinks he got it, and asks Memphis if he wants to talk about what it might be and Dan asks if it is Hawaii does Memphis want to go? Jerry says no collusion, you can’t make your own rules. The camera goes from the plum to the egg with IT to the well. Memphis has made no guesses. Dan and Memphis talk about who Dan should take if he got it. BB says “Alright guys, 5 minutes, it can’t hurt to guess.” Dan takes his last guess. Keesha asks Dan what if no one gets it, Dan says they probably all get another guess and another clue. We hear BB saying “No pushing on your rush to the bell” so it appears no one got it and they get another clue and another guess. We have fish. The HG are inside. Dan says the gorilla snapped a phone (banana I think.) Jerry says there was a black hand coming out of something with it’s middle finger up. They now know that a HG was the gorilla, and who it was (but they’re not saying). They say he woke them up and knew where they were. They think it’s funny. Keesha says Renny would have had a blast with that. It was Jessie. Dan says it would be cool to know no one knows who you are, Memphis says it’s like Halloween. They say Jessie did a good job. Dan says it’s like a murder mystery and the murderer is the person you evicted 5 weeks ago. Memphis says he was cordial to Dan. Dan says he wouldn’t give him a chest bump but gave him a fist bump. Dan says his mannerisms were “Jessie things” but he didn’t see it then but looking back it’s obvious. They say Jessie was a good guy but blew up too fast, they’d like to see him in his own environment. They think the clues were random and don’t apply to the phrase. Memphis said that Jessie wasn’t that funny in front of the gorilla. Memphis says he wasn’t but everything is funnier in a gorilla costume. Dan won. He gets to go to a private beach. He chose MICHELLE to go with him! That’s the part that can change the game for you. He hasn’t told anyone. The phrase was “Bury the Hatchet” (Berry + Egg Hatching that said IT).

Here is how BB spins it:

“When the final four return inside from the HoH Competition, they stumble upon a huge sumo wrestler in the living room! Memphis jokes they have a new HouseGuest. “Jerry, want to take him on?” Dan asks. “No way, Jose,” Jerry replies. Suddenly, the sumo wrestler begins speaking a phrase in Japanese. “He would make a hell of a deep tackle,” Dan notes. Memphis finds himself flummoxed at having someone else in the house. “You don’t know what to do,” he explains. “Why are you here?” Dan asks the sumo wrestler. Although they can’t understand him, the sumo wrestler is saying, “I have the information you need” in Japanese. “I guess I know where the earthquake came from,” Dan says. After the sumo wrestler begins to do some squats, Dan notices something sitting on the wrestler’s chair. “There is something under his butt,” Dan explains, before snatching the envelope.

Dan rips open the envelope. “You have officially launched a very special luxury competition,” he reads to cheers. He explains that the winner of the comp will get a trip out of the house that could impact the game! What could it be, the HouseGuests wonder. A sushi dinner? A trip to Japan? A Las Vegas weekend? “I’m really lost on this one,” Keesha admits.

It’s another morning in the BIG BROTHER house, and as the final four sleep, the backyard is transformed into an odd collection of statues, but one of the statues is moving! A big gorilla lumbers inside the house and heads for the Diary Room. The gorilla takes off his mask! Who could it be? “Who else could fill this suit,” says evicted HouseGuest Jessie! He says the HouseGuests are in for a rude awakening since he is all about dishing it out!

After a masked Jessie rousts everyone out of bed, the HouseGuests go outside to find a host of odd statues, including a giant hot dog, a huge cake, a big berry, a stuffed dog, a hatched egg and even a real live female contortionist, which Dan in particular enjoys. Dan picks up the written instructions and reads that to win the luxury competition, they will have to come up with a commonly used phrase by studying the clues in front of them. Most of the clues are misleading, so as the game progresses, unrelated clues will be covered up by the gorilla. The HouseGuests each have three guesses, which they give in the Diary Room after ringing a bell. The player who gets the clue fastest wins the luxury prize.

Jerry rings the bell in the first five minutes and gives the phrase “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” Memphis thinks there’s no way it could be that easy. Keesha goes in next and offers up, “Where sleeping dogs lie.” The gorilla begins to cover items, including a UFO and a stuffed bird with glasses, which makes Jerry think his first guess is wrong. “It is all clear to me now,” Memphis jokes. Jerry rings two more times, presenting, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “The dog is man’s best friend.” Keesha finishes off with “Blew it” and “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.” Dan goes in and presents, “Bury the hatchet,” which he gets from the giant berry and the hatched egg with the word “it” on it. Memphis uses the same clues to come up with, “Fruitless exit.” Hard to believe, but Memphis is not confident in his guess.

It’s finally time for the gorilla to go, but not without a handshake for Jerry and a very familiar cheeky noise. Dan perks up immediately. “Is that Jessie in there?” he asks. The gorilla disappears, and the HouseGuests go inside to find something under Jessie’s picture-a glove from a Gorilla costume. Dan realizes he was right!

And the Winner is…
Everyone assembles in the living room for the results of the luxury competition. Dan is very confident he has the right phrase but, “Did I beat Keesha and Memphis to the punch?” he asks. Turns out he does. Dan was the only player who guessed “Bury the hatchet” correctly, making him the winner! Dan goes into the Diary Room and finds out his prize is a helicopter trip to a remote beach for the day. He can either take someone from the house with him or take along a member of the jury! Dan is stunned. He debates the pros and cons before eliminating taking someone currently in the house. He then goes through the jury, and decides the person who would most appreciate it might be the one he could sway to vote for him if he gets to the final two. That juror is Michelle.

But when Dan goes outside he decides to keep the Michelle invite a secret. He tells Jerry, Memphis and Keesha he got the trip to the beach, but said he was given the choice of only choosing a guest only from within the house, so he’s decided to go alone. Talk about a big fat lie! Keesha thinks this is a smart move, but Jerry wonders out loud if there will be some twist, like maybe the jury will be there. Dan is rattled by this suggestion, saying he doesn’t know what will be there. Jerry is surprised that Dan didn’t take his house buddy, Memphis, since they are inseparable, but doesn’t fully put two and two together. Be careful with those lies, Dan!”