Article: What do “Big Brother” contestants get paid?

“Q: How much do the contestants get for being on Big Brother? – Sue, Oregon

A: The houseguests receive a stipend for each week they’re in the house, and also for the time they spend sequestered as part of the jury. Thus, the houseguests tend to be anxious to make it least to sequester; there, they get paid to just relax, not play a game or eat oatmeal “slop.” If they’re evicted earlier, they don’t get that additional jury-duty pay.

This season, Jen confirmed that the stipend was $750 per week when she was considering refusing to go to the sequester house, and that’s been the standard stipend for nearly every season (for last year’s all-star season, the stipend was reported to have increased to $4,000 per week).

A jury member for “Big Brother 8″ would be in the house for 81 days as of Tuesday, the live finale. That’s 11.5 weeks, not including the time they spent sequestered before the series began. So, jury members would receive somewhere around $9,000 for their work, plus any prizes. America’s Player, Eric, earned $40,000 performing his tasks, for example, while Dustin took $5,000 during a competition. And, of course, there are the prizes: $500,000 for the winner, Dick, and $25,000 for the runner-up, Daniele. “A.D.

Q: After being evicted from the Big Brother house, how do (contestants) receive their clothing? They always just have the one black bag upon eviction. “Hillary, Massachusetts

A: When the houseguests are evicted and go to meet Julie Chen, they take with them a single duffel bag, one that looks good on television. But it’s not enough space to pack all of their clothing for the summer.

After Eric was evicted during the surprise fast-forward episode, live feed viewers watched as Zach and Jameka packed Eric’s belongings. Zach was asked to do that by the producers while he was in the Diary Room because Eric didn’t pack before the live show, as nominees usually do.

Nominated houseguests’ luggage is placed in the storage room, the room where deliveries are made to the house; there, producers can remove it and give it to the evicted houseguest. “A.D.”