Article: Big Brother All Stars: Nakomis gets evicted

” The latest Big Brother eviction was announced this week with Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon getting the ‘ol heave ho.

Neither the current Head of Household nor the two eviction nominees were eligible to vote in the eviction balloting. On Tuesday, Erika Landin (the favorite to win at press time) won the week’s Power of Veto competition but chose to leave the nominations as is with Nakomis and “Big Brother 5″ runner-up, Diane Henry both facing eviction during Thursday night’s episode. has thus far been quite surprised by the amount of interest seen with “Big Brother All Stars” and the betting odds attached to his show.

Unlike its counterpart overseas where Pete has remained the huge favorite throughout, “Big Brother All Stars” features a rather tight race led by Erika at 3 to 1 odds See all Odds Here

She is followed closely by Jase with 5 to 1 odds or a $5 payout for every $1 bet.’s Jenny Woo’s friend Janelle Pierzina comes in with odds set at 11 to 2 odds ($11 paid out for every $2 bet).

“Big Brother: All-Stars” got CBS out of the gate with a 4.5/8 at 8 p.m this past Thursday and has been a top ratings performer thus far this season. “

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