Where Are They Now? BB1

We mentioned earlier seeing Eddie in a music video, and George is selling off his BB swag. Here are some others:

Jamie Kern does the news

“Jamie Kern

Jamie is the morning co-anchor/reporter for KNDU-TV. Her morning show News Northwest Today is broadcast in the Yakima and Tri-cities market. Her career in TV news began at KAPP-TV in Yakima, WA. She later moved on to the entertainment division of NY1 News in New York. Jamie earned her BA from Washington State University, where she graduated as Valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA. One of her fondest moments was speaking at graduation to more than 20,000 people alongside Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Recently, Jamie received her MBA from Columbia University in New York and was also elected by her peers to be class speaker at the commencement ceremony. Jamie is originally from Seattle and she has lived and traveled all over the world, including Cuba, Brazil, France, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, and Australia. She loves traveling and she loves the people she meets along the way even more.”

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Brittany Petros, BB1, in Screech of the Decapitated: The Movie

“Brittany Petros

As “Raquel”

Where to begin? Brittany always dreamed of becoming Raquel. As a little girl growing up in Robbinsdale, MN she often went to bed at night wishing she would wake in the morning with a purpose … like saving the world from an alien.

For many years Brittany did the usual. Lived in France, got a Chemistry degree, took a guitar class … and yet she was never fulfilled.

She finally decided to take the last step and move to LA and become an actress. She worked on shows such as “Days of Our Lives”, “MTV’s Suspect”, “The Day Trippers” and hosted a couple shows like “New Music Tuesday’s” and “Live in Times Square” but it wasn’t until “Screech of the Decapitated” came along that she found her voice.

Raquel had arrived. Enough said.”

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