A Committed Couple in the House?

From The July 12th edition of In Touch magazine

5 Secrets of Big Brother

CBS’s Big Brother returns this week (July 6 at 8pm ET) with new housemates who’ll be captured by cameras 24 hours a day. Executive producer Arnold Shapiro tells In Touch about this season’s surprises.

1. The house has had a makeover. “It’s been remodeled and redecorated,” says Shapiro, adding that rooms have been switched around.

2. The 13 contestants are from 13 different states. They range in age from 21 to 41 and include a committed couple.

3. To symbolize the game’s ferocity, real sharks will be living in the house in a saltwater tank. A camera will be placed inside the tank, looking out into the house.

4. Last year’s motto was “Expect the Unexpected.” This year, it’s “Do Not Assume.” Housemates are in for many shocks and surprises!

5. Shapiro says this season includes the most ambitious twist yet. “We think we’ve topped last year’s ex factor,” he says, when five ex-couples were housemates.