Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 7/19

Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 7/19

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1. A Long Morning Talk.

  • Brittany and Amber spoke for over an hour and a half alone about who they can trust. They agreed that they both trust Derrick. Brittany and Amber have talked about working together moving forward.

2. Houseguest’s Choice.

  • Shortly after waking up, the house picked players for the veto competition. Cody, Brittany, and Victoria each took turns. Zach, Nicole, and Caleb were selected. Cody drew Zach, Victoria drew Nicole, and Brittany drew Houseguest’s Choice. Brittany asked for volunteers and ultimately decided to pick Caleb.

3. Veto by Default.

  • Caleb won the competition but chose to take $5,000 and let Victoria have the Power of Veto. Zach won a trip to Germany. For punishments, Nicole must wear a German Themed Unitard, Cody must get kicked in the rear end by a soccer cleat 10 times whenever whistle sounds, and Brittany must kick 2400 goals in 24 hours.

4. A Night of Punishments.

  • Brittany and Cody spent most of the night dealing with their punishments, which extended into today. Many of the other houseguests spend most of their time outside keeping them occupied and cheering them on.

5. Trade Denied.

  • Caleb tried to trade his $5,000 to Zach in order to get the trip to Germany. Caleb wanted to take Amber to Germany (where she was born) and then propose to her. Big Brother said this is not allowed, so now Caleb wants to use his money to take Amber on a cruise.

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The Power of Veto Competition is Over!

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Danielle has won the power of veto!

Frank has to wear a unitard for the week.

Shane won a veto ticket during the competition (likely able to play in the future).

Ian has to live in a Kennel for 24 hours. If he wants out of his dog house, he has to be on a leash.

Jenn won a trip to Maui.

Wil won $5,000.

Shane, Frank, Danielle, Wil, Joe and Ashley played.

Power of Veto Competion Is Over

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Adam has won the PoV!

Adam won the veto.
Shelly won a phone call from home in exchange to being in solitary confinement in the Have Not Room.
Jeff won some Money.
Dani won a veto ticket allowing her to compete in next weeks veto regardless if shes nominated or not.
Kalia won a vacation.

Jordan has to wear a green unitard with a tutu and dunce cap.




Photos courtesy of Jordguitar and SeasonsofWither on the forums.

The PoV Competition is Over! *Spoiler*

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Britney won!

Rachel, Hayden, Kristen, Enzo, Britney, and Ragan played for the Power of Veto.

Kristen also has to wear a Unitard.

Enzo won a TV.

Rachel won $5000.

Hayden is in solitary confinement for 24 hours in the have-not room.

Ragan won a veto pass, allowing him to play in some future veto competition.

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Julie Chen blogs: Elimination #6

So, folks have many opinions and ideas about Chima’s expulsion from the show, but I, for one, was sad that we had to remove her from the game. We all know Chima is opinionated, outspoken, and stubborn…but she was also fun to watch and brought a certain energy to the game, although we certainly don’t condone some of the comments she made to Russell while in the house.

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You can actually read the apology she sent two websites that have employed her in the past (she’s a freelance journalist) by going to either or Unfortunately, destruction of property (throwing a $4,000 microphone in the hot tub) was an act of defiance that clearly broke the rules of the Big Brother house and we were forced to send her home.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. As we saw, Michele won last Thursday’s Head-of-Household Competition (the self-proclaimed nerdy neuroscientist has been kickin’ butt in the competitions!) and was able to see pictures of her family and friends and enjoy the luxury of the HOH room…for all of 48 hours…but more on that in a sec…

1st Head-of-Household Competition: “Hit The Road”
After Jessie, aka Mr. Pectacular, was evicted, the Houseguests headed out to the backyard to play the H.O.H. Competition, which was a duel-style set-up. Two Houseguests played against each other and were asked a question in which the answers were either “HOH,” “Veto,” or “Have or Have Not” Competitions. The first to ring in, if the answer was correct, bumped their opponent. If wrong, they themselves were out of the game. After each elimination, the player remaining picked two more people to face off. It came down to Kevin and Michele…Michele prevailed.

BTW, did anyone catch Sho 2 last Thursday night after Jessie was evicted? Lydia, Natalie and Chima bonded at the dining room table as they cried and raised their glasses to Jessie while Kevin sat at the table, silently seething and rolling his eyes.

Kevin on Jessie: “OMG, these girls are acting like Jessie got hit by a Mac truck and had been killed! I mean, he got evicted from Big Brother, we knew this. What is the deal? I wanted to scream, ‘Girls!” Seriously, I mean, I wanted to tell Chima, “Do you not remember that Jessie nominated you?? This guy is an idiot and a complete a-hole, why are you crying over him?”

Have or Have Not Competition — “Chaosserole”
The Houseguests competed as one team to match casseroles via tastes in order to secure privileges and rewards for the house. In teams of two, Houseguests slide down into a big fake casserole, waded through to a table of casseroles, and determined which two on the table were the same and placed them on a podium. A correct match earned a privilege, while an incorrect one removed a privilege. The Houseguests waded through the mess, tasted, and swapped the casseroles in and out. When it was all said and done, the Houseguests gained access to food this past Tuesday through this coming Sunday, warm showers for the week and a grill for the backyard. The Houseguests missed out on food last Monday and a steak and lobster dinner.


* Each giant “chaosserole” that the Houseguests slid in to held 950 gallons of Big Brother “chaosserole.”

So, after Chima left the house late Friday night, Michele’s role as Head-of-Household was considered complete. Poor woman, she probably had the shortest reign as HOH in Big Brother history, but she took it in stride. A mere 48 hours after winning, she had to pack up her things and move back downstairs. A second Head-of-Household Competition was held (in due fairness, Michele was not eligible to compete).

New Head Of Household Competition – “The Big Brother Invitational”
The backyard was transformed into a miniature golf course. The ultimate goal for each Houseguest was to putt a hole-in-one. If they missed, their ball landed at a revolving windmill with various point values assigned to compartments located amid the blades. All players, except for the current HOH (Michele, who hosted), were allowed to play. In each round, the player who missed a hole-in-one and ended up with the highest number of points was eliminated. As consolation, the latest eliminated was able to pick a mystery prize (some good, some bad). Each time a player was eliminated, they could choose to keep their prize or exchange with another eliminated player’s prize.

Jeff threw the H.O.H. competition and let Jordan win because she really wanted to see her family photos and read a letter from home. Chivalry is not dead, people!! The only mystery prize left for Jordan to pick ended up being the superhero unitard, which she quickly traded with Lydia (who was first out of the competition and ironically pulled the HOH key, which she knew she was never going to hang on to!). Too much champagne and too much time in the sun led to a very angry Lydia, but the house calmed down after she slept it off. To Lydia’s credit, she embraced the unitard and promptly died her hair pink to complete the look.


* Lydia had the privilege of becoming the 4th person to wear a red unitard while in the house. The previous three were Jen from Season 8, Sheila from Season 9 and Michelle from Season 10.
* The windmill the Houseguests were shooting at was spinning at approximately 9 revolutions per minute.
* Depending on where they placed their ball, the Houseguests shot their ball between 20 and 24 feet.

Sidenote: Russell and Natalie are out of control with the amount of candy they’ve been eating! He’s been the first all week to talk about it, but continues to shovel in the sweets…would love to be a fly on the wall when his trainer gets ahold of him after the game!

Russell: “Me and Natalie are probably the candy fiends of the house…bubbling over with excitement with candy…if you put candy in front of Natalie and I, it is gone!”

Moving on…for those who didn’t see the live feeds that showed the entire conversation between Lydia and Natalie regarding Jessie:

As we showed in last night’s show, events came to light when Lydia and Natalie had a heart to heart and discuss what really happened regarding Jessie. As Kevin, Natalie and Lydia got ready for bed on Sunday night, the three began to chat. After the usual battery of questions about former lovers, etc., Natalie asked Lydia how many times she hooked up with Jessie. Lydia initially denied that anything happened. Natalie then baited her by saying she already knew because Jessie told her everything. After some prodding, Lydia fessed up to about five “good times.”

Lydia: “Oh my God! That question is off limits. I don’t kiss and tell.”

Natalie: “Actually, you do.”

The conversation continued. Natalie said that she never found Jessie attractive, but saw themselves as best friends. Lydia and Kevin didn’t buy it. Kevin said that Natalie was being a tease to Jessie, which Natalie disagreed with. Kevin also said that Jessie did shady stuff to Lydia all the time. At this point, Kevin asked the two of them to go in another room to clear the air. Natalie and Lydia moved to the recycling room and continued the conversation. Natalie then told Lydia that Jessie told her what Lydia does for a living, and Lydia pushed Natalie for more information, indicating that she’d be quite upset if what she says is true. Natalie said that Jessie told her that Lydia was a babysitter of some kind to some person (she said didn’t recognize the name). For those who didn’t know, Lydia was once a nanny for Paul McCartney! Anyhow, Lydia was extremely annoyed, saying that it was crap that Jessie spilled the beans about this after swearing he wouldn’t. Let’s just say the mourning of Jessie’s departure officially ended that night!

Natalie: “I may be 18, but I’m not dumb.”

*For those who don’t know, Natalie told the house she was 18 years old when she entered the house, but she’s actually 24 years old. Only Jessie and Chima know this…that’s why, when she had a glass of wine to toast Jessie, production did not intervene (why warning bells haven’t gone off with the other Houseguests, I just don’t know!).

Anyhow, last night’s live show was jammed with four different events…first the Power of Veto Competition (Jordan won and chose to leave Natalie and Lydia on the block). To find out what was said during the commercial break in the recycling room…that’s why some of the Houseguests were scrambling back to their seats when we returned live…tune in this Sunday night. Lydia was evicted by a vote of 3-1 (Kevin was the only one who voted for her to stay).

Do not fret, Big Brother fans…we’ll definitely have cameras rolling at the jury house when Jessie and Lydia finally reunite!


Jordan: “Yeah, I have a lot of blonde friends.”

Jeff on Lydia: “I’m having a great day, enjoying everything, makes me happy to see Jordan win. It’s a bright sunny day, nothing can go wrong…here comes Lydia, the rain cloud, and ruins it. Our reality in here is just: Misery!”

Jordan: “I am in the Diary Room complaining about gaining weight, and now I am eating chips.”

Jordan to Jeff, playing solitaire: “I get bored when you play. I want your full attention.”

Jeff: “I never get your full attention because you’re thinking about something else.”

Jordan, trying to sit in chair with Jeff: “I don’t fit.”

Jeff: “It was that last piece of cookie dough.”

Good news, folks!!! Many of you have asked us to expand our Big Brother finale to include a reunion show after the winner is revealed. Happy to report that this summer’s Big Brother finale will air on Tuesday, Sept. 15 (9-11 p.m., ET/PT). The winner will be revealed and we’ll also follow up with ALL the House Guests. Should be fun!!


QUESTION: When the house guest first come out, after greeting the audience, the camera’s go back inside the house for a few seconds — is that so the evictees can get seated or is it so they can collect themselves before answering questions?
JULIE: It’s actually so we can switch their microphone and seat them…but more importantly, we get to see what’s being said in the house and how they are reacting.

AND, do you take as much joy in the tortures of the games on the HG’s as we, the audience, do?
No comment!

Julie, are we allowed to ask when you are due? I swear that in one week’s time you appeared to have gone from four months along to eight. And if the baby is born before the season ends, who will replace you during your absence?
Yes, I am due Oct. 4, and if I deliver before the season ends and need someone else to fill in for me…all I can say expect the unexpected!

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Big Brother 10 Audio: The Big Brother Klub Podcast Episode 10

“We fill in Angie and Steven on today’s events in the house! Were they surprised? What is in the rule book about violence? What was up with that banner? Is April preggo? Is this game rigged? All these questions are answered plus much more in this episode! Listen below or subscribe and download for free from iTunes.

Be sure to also check out Angie’s eBay page here! The green unitard from the POV and the stuffed poodle are up for grabs now!”

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Video: Libra on The Early Show

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Libra: I’m Libra and I’m a mother like no other. Make sure you take care of the kids really good. Make sure you make their appointments, six months coming up.

Michelle: I have nominated you, Libra. It’s really not as much personal for me as strategy.


Michelle: You’re a liar, be gone liar.

Jerry: Out the door.

Libra: Hello. I put in a red unitard. I took the Hawaiian holiday trip. I kicked out her showmance, romance, you’re damn right I’m the target. Julie: By a vote of 6 to zero, Libra, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Julie: Libra, six to zero, unanimous, are you surprised?

Libra: No I wasn’t surprised, I felt as though the house was definitely going to do a unanimous vote to evict me out of the house.

Julie: Why, why are you here and not Keesha?

Libra: I’m here because I was the one doing most of the manipulating, but I think we were partners, we were a partnership in that, we kind of ran the house with these webs that we weaved and you know, that’s how it happens.

Keesha: You know Libra, the think is, I’ve always stood behind you.

Libra: Okay, so let’s go there then. Because.

Keesha: Okay, so let’s go there then.

Libra: Everybody has said something about everybody in this house.

Keesha: Libra, but I have never, not you.

Libra: I haven’t said anything about you.

Julie: It’s harder than you thought it was gonna be, huh?

Libra: This game is so hard. I thought I was gonna come in, whistle, make a couple people laugh, and before you know it, I was gonna be carrying a bag of money out the door. Uh huh, not so easy.

Julie: It’s mentally draining.

Libra: It’s a definite mental challenge. We have coined the Big Brother house an insane asylum, we’ve asked for straight jackets at some points, it’s been crazy, but I tell you one thing it’s something I’ll never forget.

Julie: Libra thank you so much.

Libra: Thanks Julie.

Julie: You’re welcome.


For more of Julie’s interview with Libra, (take ACCOM) you can go to

Big Brother 9 UK – First Week Recap

Fake weddings, aggressive attacks, electric shocks and an eviction…this is the first week of Big Brother 9.

Big Brother started June 5th with 16 brand new housemates entering the bigger than ever before house. Those 16 housemates included the first ever couple in BBUK, a former Popstars: The Rivals contestant, a chef, an albino and a blind person. To get you all up to date here is a break down of the weeks biggest events:

Dick, BB9, MySpace: Date with Dick/ Thoughts on The President and TV & Douche Bag Web Writer o/t Month Lynette Rice

“Let me start off by saying….


Who woulda thunk that auctioning off a date with this Dick would have brought in so much money for such a great cause? Not I, that is for sure. So, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in the auction.


08/03/13 Articles for Big Brother 9

‘Big Brother’s Porn Performer and ‘American Idol’s Stripper Sent Packing
It wasn’t a good day to be a gay entertainer on reality television as gay porn performer James Zinkand was evicted from Big Brother 9 and male stripper David Hernandez got the boot from the seventh season of American Idol. …

Does ‘Big Brother’ Perpetuate a Negative Gay Stereotype?
It has often been said that reality television is the worst form of entertainment, catering to the lowest common denominator in American society. …

Everyone would needs to try ! casting bb 10 summer!
heading to New Orleans to cast Big Brother 10 for CBS. I would love to get the word out to everyone in Louisiana! :)

Big Brother 9: ‘Til Death Do You Part – Jen’s Take
Shiela somehow ends up with what is claimed to be my red unitard, well they say “Jen’s red unitard.” Well I am not sure if they know this but I still have my unitard, so it’s not mine! Liars! …

Episode Recap: March 12, 2008 (Eviction 5)
It’s day 35 in the Big Brother house and my one burning question is this: What happened to the rest of Sharon’s eyebrows? Unlucky for her BB doesn’t allow eye pencils of any kind in the house. I think she’s over-plucking…Ok but seriously, James’ surprise nomination caused chaos in the house — much to my delight — and since Amanda and Allison were gone, …

2 more from S.J. on reality TV
Adam Jasinski, a Cherry Hill native now living in Florida, is competing on the current season of the CBS-TV series “Big Brother.” …

Moonves: ‘American Idol’ a ‘monster’
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