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Spring Break VHS w/Sheila Kennedy Big Brother 9 RARE!

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Five Things You Need To Know about the Feeds on 7/19

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Power of Veto Competion Is Over

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Julie Chen blogs: Elimination #6

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So, folks have many opinions and ideas about Chima’s expulsion from the show, but I, for one, was sad that we had to remove her from the game. We all know Chima is opinionated, outspoken, and stubborn…but she was also fun to watch and brought a certain energy to the game, although we certainly don’t condone some of the comments she made to Russell while in the house.

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“We fill in Angie and Steven on today’s events in the house! Were they surprised? What is in the rule book about violence? What was up with that banner? Is April preggo? Is this game rigged? All these questions are answered plus much more in this episode! Listen below or subscribe and download for free from iTunes.

Be sure to also check out Angie’s eBay page here! The green unitard from the POV and the stuffed poodle are up for grabs now!”

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Fake weddings, aggressive attacks, electric shocks and an eviction…this is the first week of Big Brother 9.

Big Brother started June 5th with 16 brand new housemates entering the bigger than ever before house. Those 16 housemates included the first ever couple in BBUK, a former Popstars: The Rivals contestant, a chef, an albino and a blind person. To get you all up to date here is a break down of the weeks biggest events:


“Let me start off by saying….


Who woulda thunk that auctioning off a date with this Dick would have brought in so much money for such a great cause? Not I, that is for sure. So, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in the auction.

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So Natalie showed us her strong side when she battled James for HOH. She also showed us her loyal side when she insisted Matt be part of any deal she made in the HOH competition.

But she also showed us her fun side as she tried on Sheila’s unitard and played Hide and Seek with the boys… (more…)

‘Big Brother’s Porn Performer and ‘American Idol’s Stripper Sent Packing
It wasn’t a good day to be a gay entertainer on reality television as gay porn performer James Zinkand was evicted from Big Brother 9 and male stripper David Hernandez got the boot from the seventh season of American Idol. …

Does ‘Big Brother’ Perpetuate a Negative Gay Stereotype?
It has often been said that reality television is the worst form of entertainment, catering to the lowest common denominator in American society. …

Everyone would needs to try ! casting bb 10 summer!
heading to New Orleans to cast Big Brother 10 for CBS. I would love to get the word out to everyone in Louisiana! :)

Big Brother 9: ‘Til Death Do You Part – Jen’s Take
Shiela somehow ends up with what is claimed to be my red unitard, well they say “Jen’s red unitard.” Well I am not sure if they know this but I still have my unitard, so it’s not mine! Liars! …

Episode Recap: March 12, 2008 (Eviction 5)
It’s day 35 in the Big Brother house and my one burning question is this: What happened to the rest of Sharon’s eyebrows? Unlucky for her BB doesn’t allow eye pencils of any kind in the house. I think she’s over-plucking…Ok but seriously, James’ surprise nomination caused chaos in the house — much to my delight — and since Amanda and Allison were gone, …

2 more from S.J. on reality TV
Adam Jasinski, a Cherry Hill native now living in Florida, is competing on the current season of the CBS-TV series “Big Brother.” …

Moonves: ‘American Idol’ a ‘monster’
With CBS close to losing the total viewers race for the first time in five years, CEO Leslie Moonves called Fox’s ratings hit “American Idol” a “monster” and urged somebody to “kill that show.” …