BB 7 Allstars emotional for Fans

“I have been coming to this website every day to get my updates on the show. It is a great site. I have noticed this year has been very interesting on how the fans are reacting to posts and opinions. In shows past there has been a straightforward “Good Side” and “Bad Side”. This year is different, strong players (Like Kasyar) played weak, weak players (George) are flying under the radar even though they are “targeting” floaters. And most fans think the strongest player is CBS itself. But the reactions from the fans about Janelle are wild. This time there are people on both sides of the fence and both sides are getting testy about it. The nudes comments are totally out of line and Janelle would probably be happy for the exposure (no pun intended). Last year there were tons of jokes about Eric (the America’s Choice pix comes to mind) and not one negative comment about that. If Janelle’s pictures were altered sure, I would have a problem, but they were not. It seems that the problem is the fact that no player is America’s Choice this year. Probably the reason the America’s Choice didn’t have all that much weight in the house. Everyone is playing a seedy game and a seedy player will win. This should be called “The season of contradictions” where everyone is talking about being a strong player then they all bend over backwards to please Will. I personally don’t know who will win or who to support but I ask that we leave the drama on the show and not attack the site. Thanks” – Mitcards33

No More Nekkids

Due to bandwidth issues and some other concerns, we have had to remove the nudes page link from the menu on the left. Keep checking the message board for more screen caps and candids of the HGs in the future.