Article: Big Brother’s sexy player Jessie modeled nude in the past

“Even though we’re all still mourning the eviction of our gay cowboy, Steven, these new photos of “Big Brother’s” hottie Jessie Godderz modeling in the nude.

Despite the fact that Jessie was the one who nominated Steven for eviction, if more photos like this pop up I’m sure I’ll forget that soon enough!”

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Article: Big Brother 9 Natalie Cunial Nude Photos and BJ Video

“Wow, I haven’t been watching this season of Big Brother. I actually made it to the finals one year, but it has gotten so raunchy in the past few years, I don’t think I’d want to be any part of it. I remember my one vow during the audition process was that I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass my family. It seems Natalie Cunial certainly didn’t make that decision.”

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Interview: “I had a perfect game plan, and it worked perfectly.” A RealityBBQ Interview with Jessie Godderz

I read the following in another Jessie interview, and felt it really applied to ours, so I stole it blatently from Popwatch. “It was our hope to give you a revealing exit interview with Jessie Godderz, the latest evictee from the Big Brother 10 house… except we ran into a slight problem while transcribing his comments: most of them were unintelligible and made absolutely no sense! We tried to salvage what we could from the 22-year-old Huntington Beach, Calif., body builder, but please don’t blame us if you can’t entirely comprehend what he says…”

Article: Andy Dick’s sobering reality

“We’re gonna slip in two “Ask Billy” questions this week. Roger in St. Louis asks: “Do you know anything about Jessie on Big Brother? No guy can be that hot and not at least a little gay!”

A little gay? Is that like a little pregnant? For those of you not watching Big Brother (and that would include moi), Jessie is a hot bodybuilder who likes to walk around wearing as little clothing as possible. Some of his buddies on the outside say that Jessie is pretty cagey about his sexuality, which sounds to me like someone’s a big ol’ homo. Of course, we can’t prove it.

It’s not like we have pictures or anything. Or do we? Prior to entering the house, Jessie did some homoerotic shots to show off his fantastic physique. And there’s one nude of him on all fours that looks like it could be his Manhunt photo! Definitely worth a look-see at ”

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Big Brother 10 Interview: RealityBBQ Interviews Brian, the Player who was Played

We had the awesome opportunity to interview Brian this morning and what fun it was! From Libra to Jerry to Angie to Dan, he had insight on everyone in the house – and the lack of game play. This was one of the most fun interviews I’ve done so far, and I’m sorry I couldn’t provide the audio but I forgot to turn off call waiting and… well, it’s beeptastic. :( Instead I spent 90 minutes transcribing it! Yay! :) Enjoy!

Show Spoiler »

Brian: Good morning!

Spamgirl: Good morning, how are you?

Brian: I’m wonderful, how are you?

Spamgirl: I’m OK, I’m kind of sad you’re gone.

Brian: I’m sad too!
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Spamgirl: I believe it.

Brian: I didn’t want to be the first one, you know?

Spamgirl: No, absolutely.

Brian: Nobody does.

Spamgirl: No, not at all. OK, I’d like to start off by saying you were my personal favourite.

Brian: Thank you!
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Spamgirl: I’m heart broken you’re gone.

Brian: Aw, thank you.

Spamgirl: Watching you go downhill was so sad because in previous seasons we haven’t seen intelligent game play, and to see it so quickly and to miss most of it from the live feed (because it happened before the feeds started) was really depressing. It was wonderful to see you play the game as hard as you did, and such a shame you’re gone.

Brian: Thank you, I appreciate that. You know, I moved a little quick. I did 3 weeks of game play in about 7 days. It was so funny because a couple of the phrases I would use a lot in there when they would ask me is the hurt is fickle. The pieces were in place but I moved them too fast. If the PoV ceremony had been 12 hours earlier, Memphis would have been going home. If I would have waited a little bit longer it would have been fine.
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Spamgirl: Hindsight is 20/20.

Brian: Exactly.

Spamgirl: How did you end up getting on Big Brother?

Brian: It was a fun, fun application process, but it really just kind of happened. I was pulled off the street. I had seen one (US) season previously; the first experience I had with Big Brother was in Australia. It was a lot of the application process and things like that, but my first contact with the people from Big Brother was in my hometown of San Francisco for an open casting call.

Spamgirl: Did you hear about Big Brother Australia being cancelled?
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Brian: I didn’t! Aw, well it’s been going for a while there.

Spamgirl: It’s going to finish up this season but they’re skipping a season and retooling it, so it looks like they might actually change it to be more like ours.

Brian: I remember when it was there it was a huge national phenomenon, but it’s mostly soft-core porn. It definitely had a different appeal; when 10 o’clock hit in Australia they just turned on the shower cam and that was about it.
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Spamgirl: It’s definitely not like that here.

Brian: No.

Spamgirl: It’s funny, but we did not get any nude shots of you!

Brian: Damn right, you didn’t! My sisters would have killed me! I haven’t seen any of the shows yet, but the rules they had when I was leaving the house were no between the sheets shenanigans, no naked shots, and don’t embarrass us. So that was it.
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Spamgirl: Let’s hope you fulfilled that, then!

Brian: I hope so!

Spamgirl: I don’t think you embarrassed them at all; there was nothing embarrassing that I saw. That’s a good thing! Compared to seeing the show on TV, when you got in the house, what did you really think “wow, this is crazy; this is NOT what I expected!” about?
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Brian: I didn’t expect everyone to just be sitting around twiddling their thumbs, to be honest with you. Season 7 was so intense and hard-core; they walked in the door and they started playing the game, which is what I love. That’s my personality – ok, let’s play this game! I walked in the door and everybody wanted to wait a couple weeks. I’m like, what the hell? I’m not here to enjoy one bathroom with the other 12 of you! To just say how much fun we’ll have together and sing Kumbaya on the back porch! I was expecting another A-type personality to step up and build an opposition, that’s what I was looking forward to – that battle. What I always said, and what I always hated, was I never liked the flip-flop, I wanted to know who my enemies were and I wanted to know who my friends were. I really was surprised that everyone wanted to sit back on their heels, that’s what shocked me.

Spamgirl: Do you feel that Ollie was your arch nemesis in the house?

Brian: No, he’s more of a pawn. I would love to say he’s my arch nemesis, but Ollie was there to play the game like I was, he just wasn’t there to play the game like I was, if that makes sense. As much as he said to me early in the game, “Brian, don’t worry! The first thing I want you to know is no girl is going to have anything to do with this!” That was one of my biggest mistakes – I asked him a question at one point, “Ollie, have you had team play conversations with April?” That was his job, (talking to) April. I said, “Have you had this conversation with her?” and he said “You want to know? Not really, actually, we did have a conversation and she said she got my back and I got hers.” I can’t believe I said “Okay.” At that point I should have realized they’re together 24 hours a day, that’s the only conversation they had about this game? He definitely had switched teams, if you will.

Spamgirl: Do you feel that anyone in the house has the ability to meet the level of game play that you had in the house?
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Brian: Memphis, absolutely! He’s so intelligent and he has so much charisma and he’s physically a force to deal with. The thing is, if someone doesn’t get an opportunity like we had this last week to do this (vote him out), I don’t see how they’re going to stop him, I just really don’t.

Spamgirl: From my vantage point, he really is playing below the radar and nobody has any idea, except obviously you and…

Brian: Angie.

Spamgirl: Yes, Angie, but, again, Angie… there’s another person who stands out.

Brian: I don’t know how much you saw, but I had a conversation with Angie outside about teaming up. She basically told me that I was her biggest threat. I told her she’s the only girl that scares me in the house. She was the only girl that scared the CRAP out of me because she’s so guarded with her information and she only tells you what she wants you to know. I think that if she can get over the stigma of being associated with me and a lot of the, I guess you could say, unintelligent ideas that some of the people in the house had that I’d be able to control it after I leave, then she’ll be fine. That will be a very tough thing for her to get over.
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Spamgirl: Did you know that she is in an alliance with three other people in the house?

Brian: Memphis, she is. She had a couple of glasses of wine the other night before the big girl fight, she started saying things because she was making a solid ride of trying to get me to say… if I had to guess the other two, it would be Michelle…

Spamgirl: Uh huh.

Brian: …and Keesha.

Spamgirl: Jessie.

Brian: Jessie? Ugh. Gross! That’s going to be her biggest mistake.

Spamgirl: He seems to be the head of it, the ringleader of the alliance now that he’s HoH and they “permitted” her back into their alliance last night.
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Brian: That’s a good game play for her, but that’s going to be her biggest mistake because my whole problem with Jessie, when people were asking if I wanted Jessie to be a part of an alliance, was that Jessie’s 22. In his mind he may think he’s there for the money, but he’s there for the experience. What he’ll do is move along, but as soon as another opportunity or a different alliance that he thinks suits him better winks his way or maybe flatters him a little bit with his vanity, he’ll flip right over. He won’t be loyal to those people, so that’s a huge mistake. If he was a smart kid, and if some of these people were smart in regards to Dan, I don’t think there’s anything more valuable in that house than knowing there’s persons you can trust undeniably. Dan has proven that, and people will look at that like a fault and try to get him out because of his association with me, but how dumb can they be? He’s proven from start to finish that he was loyal to one person, has that ever happened in Big Brother before? That someone was absolute – this is what I say I’m going to do and I’m going to stick with it. To not be looking over your shoulder at Dan to see what he’s going to do next would be an unbelievable feeling. I don’t think anybody is going to take the time to see that side of him.

Spamgirl: Right now he’s a free agent, he would be perfect to scoop up, but nobody has seen that at all. Right now they’re focusing on Steven.

Brian: Steven… I told him before I left he needed to find Dan and he needed to hold tight. The problem with that is going to be… one of the things you might not have seen is Steven, Angie, and I spent 8 days laughing hysterically, that’s all we did. We were each other’s sanity in that house. If you talk to those two individually you’ll see that they’re not the type of person that will be OK with everybody stabbing each other in the back and us going home one at a time. What’s going to happen is that they’ve decided to try to distance themselves from each other, and if they do that they’re both not going to last mentally in the house, and they won’t be sad if they have to go home, I’ll say that right now. That was part of their plan, but it’s just a bad idea.

Spamgirl: It seems that Angie’s the only one who’s continuing to play and to separate; Dan and Steven are just floating around in shock.
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Brian: Dan, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s such a stand-up individual, he could play this game to win it if he wants, but I don’t think he’ll ever sacrifice his morals in order to do so.

Spamgirl: I have a feeling he may even sacrifice himself to keep Angie in the game, which may fall against him. Right now Steven is essentially sacrificing himself, he knows he’s going, so he’s hoping the other two will move on.

Brian: The funny thing that I think might surprise you is that although Angie may have run right back over to Jessie because she thinks she wants to stay in the game, later in the week I would definitely pay attention. Angie is strong for a moment, but once she loses Steven for a few days, I don’t know if she’s going to stick with that. I think she will be ready to rotate back over. If she sticks close to Memphis she’ll be fine. Memphis, I think, is probably letting Jessie think he runs the show, but he absolutely runs the show. TO be honest, I don’t see anyone else being able to stop him, that’s why I wanted him gone the first week.

Spamgirl: They didn’t see that at all.
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Brian: I wanted the money! I knew that he was going to be one of my biggest issues in getting that cash. And Libra needs to shut up! She’s going to get herself into trouble.

Spamgirl: I was going to mention to you, last night she said your breath smelled like slop mixed with pig’s feet.

Brian: That’s awesome, good for her. Well that’s probably because I was eating it for a week. One of the things, and I guess she could say they wanted to crucify me for, was being arrogant, but yet as soon as they had their unifying move to get me out of the house, you just saw a bunch of people walking around like they owned the house, which immediately started pissing people off. Keesha is getting sick and tired of, you know, you go to get a glass of wine and you’ve got Big Momma trying to tell you how much wine you can have! Everybody is tired of it; nobody wants to hear about it anymore, so Libra won’t be around too much longer. She’s going to piss everybody off enough to where they’re going to want her out of the house, and that’s fine. She can say what she wants, she’s the fuel on the fire, and she’s the gasoline that made everything happen. She’s something else. The first couple of days we got along, she was a very sweet woman, she’s just not going to really be able to pull it out.

Spamgirl: With Jerry and his promise to Semper Fi, how do you feel about that?

Brian: Like I said before, I don’t know why I was surprised; he sat behind a desk in payroll for five years and was a salesman for the rest of his life. I should have been paying more attention to him, it’s not like the guy’s a lifer, and the closest thing he got to Semper Fi was a typewriter and a cup of coffee that may have had it printed on the back somewhere. Jerry is a sweet guy who’s there and is having the time of his life. He’s having a blast and he’s said many, many times throughout the course of the week, “I just want to make it a few more weeks, I just want to make it to the jury.” That’s all he wants, he’s not there to win the cash, he would enjoy the money – everybody says they want it – but Jerry just is there, having a great time, wants to have fun, squeezing April’s boob, he did that the first night. He’s got all his ladies around, he’s got to be the most un-PC old guy I’ve ever met in my entire life! You see probably 1/100th of the stuff that we’ve seen, I don’t know what channel you could air some of the stuff he says on. He’s a sweet, sweet guy who really truly means no harm to anyone; he just wants to stay a little longer. He did what he thought was best for him, which, if he would have just come to me and told me, I could have flipped the whole thing around, that’s all he had to do was tell me what they were trying to do. He thought that this was a unified front that was trying to get me out of the house, but I showed him 24 hours later that they were willing to kill each other because half of them wanted me to stay. But, hey, what are you going to do?
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Spamgirl: Are you going to continue to watch the show and buy the live feeds, or are you done with Big Brother?

Brian: You know what I would love to do, something we talked about this in the house, is that I would love to follow it and blog or be involved in it somehow to give people insight. I always wanted to have some part of that now, I thought that maybe I didn’t, but I’d love to be involved in some respect.

Spamgirl: Well, you’re always welcome to blog at my site, RealityBBQ!

Brian: Well, thank you!

Spamgirl: If you’d like to, just shoot me an email and we could set you up with a column!
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Brian: Thank you, I really appreciate that.

Spamgirl: Because we adore you! And thank you very much for the interview, we really appreciate it! You have tons of fans at our site.

Brian: Well, thank you.

Spamgirl: Thank you very much, bye!
RealityBBQ loves Brian! Yay!
Brian: Bye!

Spoiler: Insider Info on a Finalist

“Typical BB casting will sometimes look after the finals for certain people to fill certain roles. Last year they took Sheila after finals was over to take the place of one of the HG’s ex-gf who dropped out last minute. This season they have done it again. Flying out to LA is a model named Laura Leigh. I do not know if she made the show or if she didn’t but she was brought in to interview for as a finalist in the house. By the way, she’s not a BB fan at all – never even heard of the show but wants to be on TV. ” – Anonymous