Interview: Big Brother 9 Alex Coladonato His Game & His Thoughts On The Players Left

“Alex Coladonato smart, funny, articulate three words that probably best describe this Big Brother 9 house guest. The 24 year old, DJ company owner from Staten Island, New York entered the Big Brother 9 house fully expecting to play the game of his life. But, Expect the Unexpected never rang truer in any season as it did in this one when Big Brother announced the Couples Twists – ‘Til Death Do You Part. At that very moment Alex’s game play was turned upside down. Alex takes a look back at that moment and shares his thoughts and feelings about the entire Big Brother experience. What was he thinking when he learned that America voted him back in the house? Given the choice, which house guest he would have chosen to be his best ally in the game? And, who is the special past Big Brother contestant that has Alex saying “stay tuned because as you know Expect the Unexpected.” Click Read More to find out all this and so much more.”

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Come meet and mingle with some of your favorite Reality Stars in beautiful Rainbow Oregon at the Holiday Farm Resort. Space is limited.

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James Rhine Big Brother 6
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April Dowling Big Brother 10
Michael “Cowboy” Ellis Big Brother 5
Natalie Cunial Big Brother 9
Parker Somerville Big Brother 9
Alex Coladonato Big Brother 9

Alex, BB9, MySpace: BB10 Finale

“Hey everyone, another season is over so sad, but BB 11 is right around the corner. I am extremely happy that Dan was the winner,and glad that the jury new that he was the best player in the game. He was my vote from day 1.

It was a good season, but no where near the excitement of my season of course lol. I was sad to see jerry go just because of his age, but the older ones always last longer then everyone else because most of the time they cause the least drama, for isntance in my season sheila and adam lol.

Unfortunately, I could not make the BB10 finale or wrap party due to being so busy with work this season. I am so upset i couldnt go and hang out with the other house guests from my season. I spoke with Jen and Matty and heard that Adam, Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, Matt, Jenn, Parker and Sheila, were all there and will be at the wrap party as well.

Hope everyone enjoyed the season and when the next allstars comes around you still remember me.

Love you all

Alex BB9

One Love.

P>S Thank you to everyone who sent there prayers and blessings on Sept 11 in Honor of my father. Anthony J. Coladonato”


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Alex Coladonato post-eviction interview

Ryan Quicksall from BB9’s Friend – Premiere Thoughts

Matt McDonald from BB9’s Aunt – Premiere Thoughts

Ryan Quicksall from BB9’s Friend – 10 Questions

Jen Diturno from BB9’s Co-Worker – 10 Questions

Matt McDonald from BB9’s Aunt – 10 Questions

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Dick Donato from BB8


“Based On Viewer Votes During The Live Finale, “Crazy James” Is Awarded $25,000 For Being Named The Fan’s Favorite Jury Member

After living in the BIG BROTHER house for 81 days, Adam Jasinski emerged triumphant last night as the BIG BROTHER Grand Prize winner of $500,000 based on the votes of his former housemates on the jury. Ryan Quicksall will receive $50,000 as the second place winner.

Last night, Adam Jasinski, the 29-year-old public relations manager from Delray Beach, Fla. via Cherry Hill, N.J., faced a jury consisting of the last seven evicted Houseguests (listed in order of eviction): Matt, Chelsia, Joshuah, James, Natalie, Sharon and Sheila. Jacob Heald, Parker Somerville, Jen Diturno, Amanda Hansen, Allison Nichols and Alex Coladonato were also present, but were not part of the jury.

After each of the jury members had the chance to ask the finalists questions, the seven members of the jury voted live on-air for whom they wanted to win. By a vote of 6-1, Jasinski became the grand-prize winner of $500,000. James, Matt, Chelsia, Natalie, Sharon and Sheila voted for Jasinski. Joshuah was the sole jury member who voted for Ryan Quicksall, the 27 year-old college student from Columbus, Ohio. In addition, a viewer vote for their favorite jury member awarded “Crazy James” $25,000.

After leaving BIG BROTHER, Ryan and Adam were met by family and former housemates and interviewed by Julie Chen.”

Interview: Alex Answers Our Questions

“Big Brother 9 houseguest, Alex Coladonato, was kind enough to answer questions for the fans in an email interview. Enjoy and please be sure to check out his MySpace page as well as his company’s site, E-Squared Productions for more information about one the most memorable Big Brother houseguests.”

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Alex, BB9, MySpace: Happy Easter

“Hey Everybody.Just got back from Aruba and now I am truly back home hehe.I wan’t to wish everyone a HAPPY HAPPY EASTER.

Just so everyone knows, I will be putting up blogs as much as I can because of all your support.I want everyone to be apart of my life as much as possible.Pleasae keep commenting, and posting a message or 2, no more then 2 lol jk.I will answer everyone as soon as I can. Please don’t get upset if it takes me a day or two after you sent it for me to take a look at it.

Well last night I had…

08/03/10 Articles for Big Brother 9

Big Brother a big flop this season
I want to make it clear that “Big Brother” has been a guilty pleasure of mine dating back to Season 2. …

Remember: Staten Islander Alex Coladonato needs your help if he’s going to return to the “Big Brother” house. …

Big Brother 4: Reality Television Circuit Whore Finds New Love In Survivor Stud
Landin has a wondeful history of dating reality television stars. …

Episode Recap: March 5, 2008 (Eviction 4)
Well the “secret” is out, and even though we’ve all seen it coming for weeks, the couples of Big Brother are now playing alone. …

Big Brother houseguests get stupider, if that’s possible
Big Brother always has its share of idiots, which is one of the reasons why it—and other reality shows with dummies—can be so fun …

Fairplay and Boogie’s Next Project: Shmucks
Reality show whores regulars Jonny Fairplay and Mike “Boogie” Malin were in Houston, Texas on Friday where they showed the world how ridiculous they are, by “hogging.” …


“After being nominated for eviction by Chelsia Hart and James Zinkand, Alex Coladonato and Amanda Hansen were evicted last night from the BIG BROTHER House.

Alex and Amanda were ousted by a unanimous vote of 3-0 by their fellow Houseguests (each couple had one vote and Heads of Household and the eviction nominees do not vote). On Tuesday, Joshuah and Sharon won the Power of Veto, but chose to leave the nominations as they stood, leaving Alex and partner Amanda, along with Matt and Natalie on the chopping block.

During last night’s live broadcast, Alex Coladonato, the 24-year-old DJ company owner from Staten Island, N.Y. and his “Big Brother” match, Amanda Hansen, the 23-year-old paralegal from Fridley, Minn., learned their fate and left the House. After leaving BIG BROTHER, Alex and Amanda were interviewed by Julie Chen about their experience.

The Houseguests compete each Wednesday to become Heads of Household. The perks of the position include having a luxurious private bedroom and bathroom, as well as a plasma screen spy cam to monitor other Houseguests’ activities. However, it also includes the responsibility of having to nominate fellow Housemates for eviction. On the weeks when there are veto challenges, one of the nominated couples can be saved from the chopping block if they, or another pair, wins the Power of Veto. If they choose to use the veto power, the Heads of Household must immediately nominate another couple for eviction.

After last night’s eviction, the Houseguests competed in a game called “Words of Love,” in which Houseguests were quizzed on which love quotes posted around the house belong to which author. If a Houseguest buzzed in and answered incorrectly they were eliminated from the game. If a Houseguest was correct, they were able to choose another Houseguest to be bumped from the competition. The last Houseguest standing would, along with their partner, become the next Heads of Household. Sharon Obermueller, the 23-year-old realtor from Olathe, Kan. and her partner Joshuah Welch, the 25-year-old Advertising Media Buyer from Dallas, Tex., won the coveted position.”


Parker Somerville and Jen Diturno are the Second Matched Pair of Houseguests to Officially Be Evicted From the “Big Brother” House

After being nominated for eviction by Alex Coladonato and Amanda Hansen, the first couple to hold Head of Household this season, Parker Somerville and Jen Diturno were evicted last night from the BIG BROTHER: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART House.

Parker and Jen were ousted by a vote of 3-1 by their fellow Houseguests, with…

What We Know About the BB9 HG

Adam Jasinski, 29, public relations manager from Delray Beach, Florida
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Birthday: April 30, 1978

“Adam has a master’s degree in fashion design/marketing. He studied at Camden County College in New Jersey, Parson’s School of Design in New York and Fashion Art Italy in Italy. He currently works as a PR manager where he arranges events, does publicity and is the Sponsorship and Creative Director for a foundation.

Adam is very close to his mother. He sees himself as an “in the moment” kind of guy when it comes to relationships and likes aggressive women who know themselves well. He talks a big game with women and considers himself to be quite the Casanova. He prefers to settle disagreements sooner rather than later and doesn’t hold back during an argument. He is not easily intimidated.

He describes himself as stylish, trendsetting and a good person and is very proud to have his own clothing label.” Source

Alex Coladonato, 24, DJ company owner from Staten Island, New York
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Birthday: August 16, 1983

Owns E-Squared
“Alex was born and raised in Staten Island with his (older) brother by his single mom. His father came into his life in high school and he tragically lost him on 9/11 in World Trade Center 2. Alex has dedicated his life to making his dad proud.

He has his bachelor’s degree in business, marketing and advertising and is now working on his second master’s degree in childhood education at St. John’s University.

Alex owns an entertainment company that throws the hottest bar mitzvahs, sweet 16s and other parties in Staten Island. He has appeared on a billboard advertisement for the Vanderbilt Catering Facility and in a music video featuring Gia Bella.

Alex likes dancing, working and hanging out with friends. His favorite sports to watch are hockey and soccer. His pets include five turtles–E, Turo, DT, Squirt and Cookie. Maxim, DJ Times and Sports Illustrated are among the magazines he reads. He enjoys mainstream and vocal house music and his favorite movie is “Wedding Crashers.” He is single and claims he is a true romantic looking for the right girl.” Source

Allison Nichols, 28, pharmaceutical sales representative from Boston, Massachusetts
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Birthday: July 24, 1979

“Allison attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and graduated with a bachelor of arts/psychology degree in 2002. She also spent a semester at sea, world travel, in the spring of that year.

She currently works in pharmaceutical sales where she works with specialists in the pulmonology/allergy sector. She is also part owner of a pottery studio and is an accomplished painter. Allison was interested in becoming a professional gambler but failed miserably at it. Now she has a strong aversion to gambling and doesn’t do it at all.

She describes herself as confident, agile and sexy. She is a world traveler who committed over 1,000 hours to Mother Teresa’s orphanages in India, Vietnam, China and Japan. Her favorite activities are exercising, critiquing movies, reading and painting. She believes that people gravitate toward her and that she commands attention naturally when she enters a room. But, she admits that while guys usually like her, women usually hate her. For the past few years, she has actually juggled more than two men at a time while having relationships.” Source

Amanda Hansen, 23, paralegal from Fridley, Minnesota
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Birthday: August 17, 1984


“Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies/political science. She studied at the Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota.

She currently works as a legal contract specialist for a large health care insurance company. She claims that her mother is her best friend, and she encouraged Amanda to never give up and be a hard worker. She was very close to her father before he died, and considers herself to be the strong one of the family.

She loves to cook, Italian cuisine being her specialty. She’s a hopeless romantic and wonders where all the good men are in the world. She sends her friends a daily motivational quote of the day by text message. Her favorite activities include running, shopping, dancing and entertaining. She loves football and played powder puff football in high school. She has two cats, and one, Chloe, thinks she’s a dog.” Source

Chelsia Hart, 21, college student from Cedar Falls, Iowa
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Birthday: November 9, 1986

Attends University of Northern Iowa
MySpace (it originally said 21/cedar falls… notice her only friend runs sex parties!)
“Chelsia is currently a German major at the University of Northern Iowa. She has lived in Germany and will be studying in Austria for a year beginning this September.

She is a hot party girl who says it like it is. She likes older men and is looking to be loved. She describes herself as wild, sincere, competitive and determined with a big attitude. Chelsia loves motorcycles and wants to sell Harleys. She also loves her pet cat, Pugsley, who she calls her baby.

Her favorite television shows are BIG BROTHER and “Nip/Tuck.” Her favorite movies include “American Beauty” and “Running with Scissors,” and for music, she is a fan of Tool and Marilyn Manson.

Chelsia says she has had everything pierced and has three tattoos, two of which cover her back. She loves to watch football and her favorite activities include dancing, drinking, going out and watching movies.” Source


Jacob Heald, 23, electrician from Dallas, Georgia (apparently really from Kansas, like Sharon)
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Birthday: May 15, 1984

Works for Highland Construction

“Jacob is an ex-Marine now working as an electrician. He has lived all over the world and attended elementary school in San Diego, California and Okinawa, Japan before moving to Maryland, then Jacksonville, North Carolina. He is single and trying to move on from his last relationship, although he still has feelings for the woman who was his childhood sweetheart.

He describes himself as funny, energetic and caring, and the accomplishment he is most proud of is graduating from Marine Corps boot camp.

His hobbies include wakeboarding, soccer and putting together model cars, and his favorite sports to watch are football and soccer. His favorite television show is “Monday Night Football” and his favorite movie is “The Rock.”

Jacob has three tattoos. One is a symbol that his ex made and the other two are crosses. He is religious and a regular churchgoer.” Source

James Zinkand, 21, originally from Sarasota, Florida, currently biking around the world
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Birthday: November 21, 1986

Nickname “Crazy James”, apparently straight
His bike trip site (down)
More Videos
“James, a high school graduate, is currently on a mission to ride his bicycle halfway around the world with no money in his pocket. He has also lived in Buenos Aires where he dressed mannequins for a living.

He describes himself as insane and crazy and has a few very different personalities, depending on his mood. He grew up in a broken home and had to learn to be different to get the attention he needed from others. He was the “freak” in high school who wore costumes to school when it wasn’t Halloween. He is close with his mom and has one sister, both recently divorced.

His favorite movie is “Fight Club” and his favorite music is by The Clash. James has seven tattoos. He is currently single, but was engaged to an older woman at one point.” Source


Jen “Deez” Diturno, 26, bartender from Columbus, Ohio
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Birthday: October 18, 1981

Dating Ryan
Previously engaged to someone other than Ryan

“Jen is a fun/crazy party girl who has bounced from one relationship to the next. She is outspoken, real, loves attention and loves boys, although she is very loyal to her current boyfriend.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and is certified in Special Education K-12. Jen was a special education teacher after she graduated and admits it is a tough job that she misses. She would like to go back to teaching in the fall.

Jen describes herself as energetic, adventurous and beautiful, as well as a fighter and competitor. Her pets include her dog, a pug named Oscar, and a box turtle named Shellamar. Her favorite movie is “Blade” and her favorite television show is BIG BROTHER–she says she hasn’t missed a season or an episode. Her favorite magazines are In Touch, US Weekly, People and Cosmopolitan.

Her body markings include double pierced ears, a pierced tongue and four tattoos: the Libra sign on the back of her neck, a turtle on the top of her right foot and her name and a tribal design on her lower back. Her favorite activities include shopping, tanning and hanging out with friends. She likes cheerleading and likes to watch football.” Source

Joshuah M. Welch, 25, advertising media buyer from Dallas, Texas
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Birthday: June 3, 1982

Bisexual, single, gemini
“About me:
I am a very active and energetic guy that loves to go out and have a good time. I love to meet new people and make new friends.

Who I’d like to meet:
I want a guy that would enjoy going out to dinner or a movie then meeting up with my friends to have a drink or go out, and then going home and spending quality time with each other. I want a partner I can have fun with, but also have something real and fulfilling.”
“Joshuah is a gay man currently living in Dallas, Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree in advertising, with a business minor, from the University of Texas at Austin.

Joshuah came out when he was 18 years old. He says he was a gay man who played straight growing up, playing football and having long term relationships with women. Things changed when he slept with his sister’s cheerleading coach–ruining her cheering career–and claims that his family has never forgiven him. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist, currently considers himself to be a bisexual and doesn’t care what people think of him.

Football is his favorite sport. He played from the 4th to the 12th grades in school and loves watching college football. His has a huge fear of snakes and thinks they are the spawn of Satan.” Source

Matt McDonald, 23, roofing foreman from Charleston, Massachusetts
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Birthday: April 7, 1984

Tried out for Fear Factor with his ex-GF
“Matt is an only child who is extremely close with his mom. His dad died when he was only 9 years old.

Matt is the ultimate competitor and feels he has something to prove since he lost on Couples’ “Fear Factor” three years ago. He keeps most of his exes around for “booty calls,” except his most recent ex who hooks up or flirts with guys to get him angry.

Matt claims he will be successful on BIG BROTHER because he is the “biggest liar/sweet talker you will ever meet. America will love me.” He has a true Boston accent and a ripped body, and he makes sure everyone can see it 365 days a year. Matt describes himself as handsome, spontaneous and charming. He has three tattoos on his arm, back and belly, including his initials across his abs. Matt also has a pet turtle named Poppy.

A huge sports fan, his favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. He enjoys playing basketball and hockey.

Matt’s favorite television show is “Entourage” and favorite movies include “Blow,” “Casino” and “Jerry Maguire.” Magazines that he reads include Maxim, Forbes and US Weekly and his favorite music is Jay-Z (hip hop), rock, house and R&B–any music that has soul.” Source

Natalie Lynn Cunial, 28, bikini barista from Salem, Oregon
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Birthday: September 16, 1978

Hawaiian Tropic Girl
MySpace Photos
MySpace Photos
MySpace Photos
MySpace Photos – Artwork
MySpace Photos
Modeling Photos
Modeling Photos

“Natalie was a self-described military kid who moved around a lot. Her high school years were spent in Alameda, California, Salem, Oregon and Mililani, Hawaii. She studied at the Chemeketa Community College in Salem as well as the Art Institute of Las Vegas in Nevada.

Natalie is religious and takes her Bible everywhere. She’s still very proud of her figure and loves to enter bikini contests. She previously won the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Oregon. She claims that she can make any coffee drink imaginable, and in a bikini at that. She is also a painter and dreams of opening a mermaid art store some day.

She describes her perfect romantic partner as someone who is smart, healthy with big strong muscles and he should love football. He should also be adventurous and honest and love God and Jesus. Natalie is also a pet lover and has two cats–Maximillion and Wilson–and a Jack Russell terrier named Samson.” Source

Neil Garcia, 29, realtor from Los Angeles, California
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Birthday: November 7, 1979

Friends with Perez Hilton?
Works for Keller Williams Realty
“Neil is a gay man who resides in Los Angeles, California. He studied criminology, criminal justice, political science and business management in college but did not earn a degree. He is currently working as a real estate agent though acknowledges that it is a tough profession to be in right now.

Neil is close to his mother and says no matter what they are talking about they always end up laughing. She is currently in the throes of a divorce and he is definitely there to support her in her time of need.

He came to Los Angeles from Texas to pursue a modeling and acting career but gave it up when he encountered so many people there that he considers phony. He enjoys snow boarding, running, swimming, rollerblading, lifting weights, hiking and going to the beach. He plays dodge ball, kick ball, touch and ding dong ditch, which he plays with his little brother. He likes to watch figure skating, snow boarding and gymnastics.

Neil is currently single and describes himself as loyal, outgoing and energetic.” Source

Parker Barbee-Somerville, 26, paparazzo from Northridge, California
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Birthday: April 6, 1981

Works for
“Parker graduated with a bachelor’s degree in radio/television from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and currently works as a member of the paparazzi for TMZ. He served in the Air Force from 1999-2002 and received a general discharge. He admits that he couldn’t conform to military standards.

Parker, who was raised by his single mom, wears his heart on his sleeve and will always say what he feels. He describes himself as inappropriate, unpredictable and authentic. He can be your best friend or worst enemy and claims to have the power of persuasion. The accomplishment he is most proud of in his life is losing 45 pounds through will power, diet and exercise. His hobbies include socializing, playing his Wii, laughing at other people’s expense and doing anything besides working.

He has two pet lizards, Reggie and Simone, and three tattoos: a Zodiac Ram on his arm, a rooster above his ankle and a kanji tattoo he and some of his Air force buddies share that reads “Brothers, Together, Eternally.”

Parker’s favorite television shows include “Weeds” and “Desperate Housewives” and his favorite movie is “American Beauty.”” Source


Ryan Quicksall, 27, college student from Columbus, Ohio
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Birthday: September 16, 1980

Dating Jen
Went to school in New Philadelphia, OH
>br>His brother
“Ryan currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. He’s a student at Ohio State University, majoring in economics and business.

He’s used to being the center of attention, the popular one in his group and loves it. He has a tendency to be loud, stubborn and opinionated and is sometimes a troublemaker. He admits that his behavior once got him suspended from a class in high school. He has never voted in his life, but is planning to do so this year.

When it comes to relationships, Ryan describes his ideal romantic partner as pretty, intelligent, motivated and aware of what she’s doing in life. He sees himself as intelligent, easy-going and thinks he has a good sense of humor. He has one pet, an American Pit Bull terrier named Jada.

He played basketball in high school and really loves the sport. He is very competitive.” Source


Sharon Obermueller, 23, realtor from Olathe, Kansas
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Birthday: June 24, 1984

She shares her view on Valerie Plame
Her mom?
She’s a democrat
Kappa Beta Delta Member
“Sharon Obermueller, 21, Leasing Consultant for AMLI
What attracts me to a guy is first off, how he acts when you first see him. Then if he has confidence in himself then it will show. Then I look at eyes, smile, and how he handles himself around me. If he can handle all those things that I might spend some time getting to know what makes you tick.”

“Sharon is a military brat (her dad has served in the Marine Corps for 28 years) who easily adapts to any situation. She is spirited and lively, feisty and dramatic, but she also sees herself as being sweet. Sharon, who is currently single, has been in a 12-year on/off relationship with a guy who followed her home in the 8th grade. She describes herself as loud, dramatic and over the top. She has an associate’s degree from Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas and is currently working as a realtor and restaurant hostess.

Sharon’s favorite television shows are “Friends” and BIG BROTHER and her favorite movie is “The Break-Up.” Magazines she reads include Vogue, InStyle and People. She has a belly button piercing and a tattoo of a design she made herself. Sharon has two pets, a cat, Willie, and an American Bulldog, Carolina. Her favorite activities include talking, tanning and drama. In addition, she is a Carolina Panthers fan.” Source

Sheila Kennedy, 45, former model from Reseda, California
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Birthday: April 12, 1962

Former Penthouse Playmate of the Year (1983)
She dated Scott Baio and appeared on his recent reality show
Appeared in The First Turn-On! (seems to be soft core porn)
NSFW Photos
“Sheila is a former model who is now a stay-at-home mom to a 16-year-old boy, Mikhail. She studied acting for 15 years both in New York and Los Angeles. She and her son have a dog named Kitty.

Sheila lived the high life with Bob Guccione in his 35-million-dollar mansion for 10 years. In 1984, she was Penthouse Pet of the Year. She is now writing a book about her life.

Sheila claims that she has a temper and yells and cries when she’s angry, then just wants to be left alone. She stands up to those who try to intimidate her and stands her ground even if she’s scared on the inside. She recently broke up with her boyfriend.

She describes herself as vibrant, sexy and fun. Becoming a mom is the accomplishment that she is most proud of. Her married sister is her true hero. She’s a great mother to her five kids and last year donated a kidney to one of them.” Source