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Spring Break Sheila Kennedy nude Big Brother 9 rare vhs

Spring Break – 1983

Perry Lang, Jayne Modean, Corinne Alphen, Jessica James & Sheila Kennedy as Ellie ( Who is now on the CBS/Showtime show Big Brother 9 and still hanging on…

Stu & O.T. are two studs from the big city who arrive in Fort Lauderdale for spring break. They discover that the room they had reserved in an over-crowded motel is already being occupied by Nelson & Adam, a pair of college-nerds. With no other accomodations available, Nelson & Adam reluctantly agree to share the room with Stu & O.T., who promise to show them a good time. The wet-T-shirt contests and beer-guzzling-fun are threatened when Nelson’s controlling step-dad shows up, along with a building inspector who wants to shut down the motel.

This is the very very rare 102 minutes version.

A Treasure among Treasure!!!

Interview: BBQ Grills Diane

We had the opportunity to ask Diane a few questions about Big Brother which were submitted by YOU, the fans! Check it out…

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Would you ever do Playboy?
I definitely feel that Playboy can be a classy nude magazine and there’s nothing wrong with it at all, however I would never do it.

Do you think the call Toni supposedly made to Janelle contributed to Janelle’s rudeness to you?
Don’t really know much about that or even if it actually happened, but I’m sure if it did, it had some affect to it. I heard Toni called a bunch of people from my show. Just to state for the record, I think it’s funny. Toni and I had a personal falling out about our moving situation and she got pissed because I didn’t want to help her move her shit, and all 20 of her friends didn’t show up on moving day (show’s what great friend’s she has right?) and 3 of my friends did show up. And they weren’t even there for me…..so there for she knew deep down inside that I just wanted to end the friendship after the move and that hurt her the most. So I suppose she took it upon herself to try and ruin my BB experience this year to get me back. Nothing like trying to get an extra 15 minutes off someone else. I think it is a very sad situation on her behalf and it had done nothing but make her look very childish and selfish and even worse than she already did in the public eye. Congrats to you Toni. And that is the last I will say about that. She isn’t even worth my words.

Have you spoken with any of the evicted Houseguests?
I have talked to Alison and Nakomis.

Who did you feel was your friend in the house?
James for sure, Will, Boogie, Marcelles, Danielle, Nakomis, Alison, Jase sometimes and definitely Chicken George….love that guy.

Do you have a real friendship with Jase?
I think we do have a certain friendship however we don’t necessarily talk all the time.

Who do you think will be the last 4 standing?
James, Will, Danielle and maybe Chicken George

Who are your top 2 to win Big Brother All-stars?
James or Will

How much weight did you lose in the house?
7 lbs. roughly

Jase eludes to a possible alliance (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and you said you wish you had known you were part of it, did you or did you not discuss teaming up BEFORE the game started?
Again if we had discussed it before the show than it would have been a for sure alliance right? I would have totally been in it.

If CBS had asked you to replace an All-Star, who would you have replaced and who would you have replaced them with and why?
I would take out Erika for sure and replace her with Dana from season 4. I think she would have been way better tv and more willing to take large risks. Her and I would have bonded immeadiately.

Would you ever do a reality show with your twin?
Absolutely. In fact I would like to pitch Lindsey and I to Amazing Race.

Would you have done All-Stars if you knew Drew was going to be on it?

Interview with Erika Landin from Big Brother 4, Kill Reality, and the new movie The Scorned.

Big Brother Four.

1) How did it feel to last to the end of week 9?
‘It got to the point after Jee left that I just wanted to go home. During my interview with Julie Chen I was just so excited to be out, I didnt care that I had lost. The Big Brother house is like prison except no sex and tv.’

2)What was it like to see your ex Robert walk into the house?
“As soon as we were told about the X Factor I knew it would be Robert. My heart sunk into my stomach and I was praying it would be anyone but him. As soon as he came in I immediately thought of ‘how can I manipulate him?’ I was disgusted to see him but I knew that I could use him….also with the exes with the strategy of getting them out, it was ‘5 more people before me’.”

3)In the first week you, Scott, and David vowed to watch eah others backs, where did that stem from?
‘We had similar personalites. Scott and I were the same age, we related to each other. David had a maturity about him, he is really intelligent, I knew immediately I needed to get him in my alliance.

4)Speaking of Scott, what really happened there?
‘Scott was getting upset and stressed and he threw some chairs and it states clearly in the rules , no destroying property or it will result in your immediate disqualification. Scott was a great guy though, funny, super intelligent, there is not a bad thing about him I could say.’

5)Nathan said on behalf of the entire house during the meeting/intervention that took place with Scott, that everyone felt threatened by him. Did you ever feel threatened by Scott?
‘Nathan took it upon himself to say those things. I never not for a moment felt threatened by Scott.’

6)Were you surprised to be nominated week 2?
‘No absolutely not. Going in I was thinking I would be nominated every week. I knew I was going to play aggressively, and not be under the radar.I made alliances day one. I think I made people nervous, people were thinking ‘what was she doing’, then I realized maybe I should play quieter, I started to throw competitions, not make so many waves.’

7)How did it feel to survive week 2 especially after everyone repeatedly told Michelle how safe she was? Shes still pretty upset to this day about it.
‘I just wanna tell Michelle that its a game. Not to get so upset about it, I beat her, get over it.I knew she would go, because I knew it would be hard to get rid of me.’

8)The Elite 7 were going to get rid of the exes right away, so why after Dana’s “betrayal” did the 7 not get back on track and remove the exes?
‘We tried to get back on track, after what Dana did, noone trusted anyone anymore, not even about getting rid of the exes. The house became so divided. I talked to Robert after, and we realized we should have teamed up back then.In the end it was really too little too late, I knew I should have teamed with him because he might not have been good at competitions but he could make people listen to him.’

9)What in your opinion was the breakdown of the Elite 7? Dana’s Betrayal, or Alison playing with emotion and nominated Dana instead of two exes?
‘We knew Alison would never put up Justin. We knew after she nominated Dana there would be no going back to the original plan. If Dana had gone AFTER the exes, Alison never would heva played “aggresively” she would have thrown comps and let others do her work for her. I know I told her once that if she couldnt put up Justin, I would do it for her.’

10)In Week 3 you voted to evict Jack over David. How hard was that decision to make for you given your closeness with the two?
‘I had a conversation with both of them. I told Jack I was going to give David a sympathy vote. I wouldnt have done it if I had any indication Jack might go, but we knew Jack was staying so a sympathy vote wouldnt matter. If I thought it would have been close I wouldnt have done it.’

11)In week 4 you voted to evict with the majority to evict Dana over Jun. Why did you do that?
‘Jun was a better player. She wasnt as emotional as Dana. We played similarily. I knew I needed her on my side later. Jun and I used each other and I couldnt have done that if I had kept Dana.’

12)If you knew then what you know now, would you still have voted to evict Dana?
‘Yes, I couldnt have voted any other way. She was so emotional. We are still close, but Ive told Dana, I didnt know whether she was coming or going. I know she says she would have played differently.’

13)What was it like to be on PB&J?
‘I think in abstract its not so bad. You think ‘I can do that’, its one of my favourites but when you have to eat it for all meals, your body starts to reject it. It no longer creates the saliva to eat it, you dont like it and you basically starve.’

14)You were nominated 3 times, how did it feel?
‘Each time I knew I wasnt going home, so its not so bad. I was talking to Dana and I told her it wouldnt matter if I went home because I have great friends and an amazing family. People react differently to being nominated but I was fine with it every time.’

15)How did it feel to win your HOH week 6? Was it that intense?
‘It felt really good. I knew it was do or die. If I didnt win there was a good chance i was going home. And if not me then Jack and I couldnt let that happen.I was so glad when Julie said it was endurance.’

16)When you were HOH you nominated Justin and Robert. Was it purely to break up the Dream Team or to get rid of your ex?
‘ It was not personal, I said that in my nomination speech. It was purely to get rid of the biggest alliance in the house.’

17)When Jee nominated you he said you made people in the house uncomfortable. Where do you think that came from?
‘I was playing really hard and people felt threatened by me. People didnt really get to know me. I wasnt there to make people comfortable but I dont really know where his statement came from.’

18)Jack was evicted 2 weeks before you and David was evicted week 3, how was it living in the house without your two closest housemates?
‘ It sucked, plain and simple. I didnt have any friends in the house anymore. When David left I was emotionally distraught, I had Robert in my corner when he left. When Jack left, I knew I was closer to the prize and it was a bit easier for me, but I became numb to the process of people leaving.’

19)Week 8 you voted to evict Jee over Robert, why did you do that?
‘ At that point Jee was starting to come into his own, and winnning competitions and we knew we had to get him out.’

20)The truce you and Robert made,was it genuine?
‘ I still think to this day, who would I have put up had I won the HOH that Robert did. Its a hard decision. I didnt like Alison, I didnt want her to win any money, but if Robert had won money, I knew he would have given me some. So yes the truce was genuine.’

21)How did it feel when Robert won HOh and pre veto you were safe, when he nominated Jun and Ali?
‘ I knew he was done being ‘after me’. But he did it too late. If the dream team would have come after Jun and Ali earlier it would have been better, but it felt good knowing I was safe.’

22) Did you know you were going home when Alison won veto?
‘ I didnt. I thought Alison hated Jun, she did. I was surprised she took Jun to the end, she was counting on me, but once you vote to evict someone you basically kiss their vote goodbye.’

23)Did you see the tapes before or after you voted?
‘We voted then saw. But it wouldnt have changed my vote. I didnt like either as a person but I voted for Jun because she played better.’

24) After everything that happened between Alison and Nathan why do you think he gave her his vote finale night?
‘ I have to be PC here. I think it was the lesser of two evils for him. He had it out with Jun in the house, which I dont think anyone saw, and as much as him and Alison had their, whatever it was, he could not stand Jun.’

25)Other then Jack and David, do you still keep in touch with anyone?
‘Still talk to Dana alot, we email. Thats pretty much it though, I bumped into Robert twice and spoke to Justin once , he asked if I was going to the wrap party for BB6. But other then I’ve had no contact.’

26) Did you watch The Amazing Race with Donny and Alison?
‘ I watched because its my favourite show. I was dissapointed to see her on, but I was glad she didnt win any money.’

27) What did you think of BB5 and the twin twist?
‘I thought it was interesting, I would have liked to have seen it go on longer to see how long they could have gone without being discovered. The DNA was good at first but their was no resolution, I mean if I found out I had a relative in the house especially a brother, I would have been trying to get to know him, and using it to my advantage.’

28)Did you watch BB6 and what did you think?
‘6 was more fun to watch then all of them. BB5 stirred shit up, but when BB5 aired my season was still fresh in my mind and I couldnt watch subjectively. I really wanted Janelle to win, since like week 2 or 3. I liked Kaysar and Howie. I feel bad for Ivette and Maggie, Im not in denial about how I played, they are. They are truly shocked at how they were perceived. I dont think they know why they were not liked.’

The Scorned.

1) Are there any possibilities of a Scorned 2?
‘There have been talks about it, and a Kill Reality 2, but nothing is definite.’

2)What was it like to work with all the different reality stars?
‘It was so much fun. I love acting , its not something Ive pursued heavily but my character was so much fun, I got to play the undersexed woman and seduce Reichan who is very easy on the eyes.’

3)What was the reason of the choice for E to air the movie?
” Kill Reality was on it so it was sort of progression.’

4)How big is your part?
‘I have about 3 scenes, there not very big but I have a fun part, I play a kooky character, I like to say im like Desperate Housewives, Nicollette Sheridan.’

5)Can you tell us, do you survive?
‘I dont know if I can tell you. My character isnt really part of the major plot so I dont fall victim to the scorned woman.’

6)What are some of your fondest memories from set?
‘ I had a whole day dedicated to my scenes so I got to be the star for the day.’

7) Any least fondest memories?
‘ None at all, it was just fun all around.’

8)How did it feel to work on a scripted show for a change?
‘It was fun, I got to make believe I was someone else.’

9)Did you film any nude scenes, everyone knows Trishelle did so?
‘No everyone but me I think. I know there is some kind of nudity for Reichan.’

10)Were you ever spooked or scared while filming?
” No not really because my character had nothing really to do with the main plot so I wasnt involved in the scary parts.’

11)Are you anxious for the reviews/critics?
” Its going to be all over theboard, your either going to hate it or love it.’

12)In your opinion what was your view of the movie?
‘I was pleasantly surprised, its very good, and the acting is good too.’

13)There have been comments that it looks low budget what was the budget and what do you say to people who make those comments?
‘ For the money we had it looks prety good, very decent, doesnt look low budget it all….we had about under a million to make it and when you think about how much movies get nowadays for budget we made it look good.’

I want to take this time to thank Erika for letting me interview her. It was truly a pleasure to talk to her and have the answers to my questions. Thanks.

– Krystle